23 Facts About Pete Davidson

1. Pete Davidson is the "Saturday Night Live" cast member who's been all over the gossip pages because of his on.

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2. Pete Davidson apologizes to Dan Crenshaw on 'SNL': 'Deserves all the respect in the world'.

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3. Pete Davidson apologized and Crenshaw revealed his ringtone was Ariana Grande.

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4. Pete Davidson addressed his controversy head-on last night by apologizing to Dan Crenshaw in person and on 'SNL.

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5. Pete Davidson looked happier than ever since splitting from Ariana Grande.

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6. Pete Davidson walks first red carpet since Ariana Grande split.

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7. Pete Davidson took his newly blue hair out on the town.

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8. Pete Davidson is 25: From a Grande break-up to a Crenshaw make up, his roller-coaster year.

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9. In the previous week's episode, Pete Davidson mocked Crenshaw for wearing an eye-patch, a joke that.

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10. Pete Davidson apologizes to wounded vet he mocked on 'Saturday Night Live'.

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11. Pete Davidson is already working to get his Ariana Grande tribute tattoos covered up after their split, according to reports.

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12. Pete Davidson 'covering up Ariana Grande tribute tattoos already' after split after she hides her tiny inking with Band-Aid.

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13. Pete Davidson showed photos of various candidates for the midterm elections, including one of Crenshaw.

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14. Pete Davidson joked about Crenshaw, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, during a segment on "Weekend Update" last week.

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15. Dan Crenshaw and the war hero gets Pete Davidson back with some Ariana Grande reminders.

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16. Pete Davidson previously dated Cazzie David for two years.

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17. In 2016, Pete Davidson was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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18. In March 2015, Pete Davidson was a roaster on the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, and his set was praised as one of the best of the show.

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19. In the new spot, Pete Davidson appears with this Saturday's guest host, Jonah Hill, and musical.

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20. In the ad, Pete Davidson introduces himself to singer Maggie Rogers.

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21. Pete Davidson 'proposed to ex Cazzie David multiple times' before engagement to Ariana Grande.

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22. Pete Davidson appears to joke about rushing to propose on a 'Saturday Night Live' promo.

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23. Pete Davidson makes light of engagement to ex Ariana Grande, fans go on offensive.

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