31 Facts About Peter Mandelson

1. Peter Mandelson was created on Oct 21, 1953 in London, Britain seeing that Peter Benjamin Mandelson.

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2. In 2004 Peter Mandelson was appointed Britain's member of the EU Commission and given the EU trade portfolio.

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3. In 1992 Peter Mandelson was elected Labour MP for Hartlepool, a coastal town in northeastern England.

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4. In 1985 Peter Mandelson was appointed Labour's director of communications by party leader Neil Kinnock.

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5. Peter Mandelson was made an Officier of the Legion of Honour in February 2017.

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6. In 1998, Peter Mandelson was outed again by Matthew Parris in 1998 on the BBC programme Newsnight.

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7. Peter Mandelson has lived with his life partner Reinaldo Avila da Silva, a Brazilian-British translator, since March 1998.

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8. Peter Mandelson was until 8 October 2008 the President of Central School of Speech and Drama.

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9. Peter Mandelson said that meeting business figures from "across the range" in emerging economies was part of his brief as EU Trade Commissioner.

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10. In 2008 Peter Mandelson was hospitalised, suffering from a kidney stone.

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11. In January 2011, it was announced that Peter Mandelson would serve as a senior adviser to the advisory investment banking firm, Lazard.

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12. Peter Mandelson was a member of 35 of the 43 Cabinet committees and subcommittees.

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13. On 22 November 2004 Peter Mandelson became Britain's European Commissioner, taking the trade portfolio.

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14. At the 2001 general election Peter Mandelson was challenged by Arthur Scargill of the Socialist Labour Party and by John Booth, a former Labour Party press officer standing as "Genuine Labour", but Mandelson was re-elected with a large majority.

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15. Peter Mandelson insisted he had done nothing wrong and was exonerated by an independent inquiry by Sir Anthony Hammond, which concluded that neither Mandelson nor anyone else had acted improperly.

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16. Peter Mandelson had contacted Home Office Minister Mike O'Brien on behalf of Srichand Hinduja, an Indian businessman who was seeking British citizenship, and whose family firm was to become the main sponsor of the "Faith Zone" in the Millennium Dome.

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17. Peter Mandelson was out of the Cabinet for ten months.

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18. Peter Mandelson had not declared the loan to his building society although they decided not to take any action, with the CEO stating "I am satisfied that the information given to us at the time of the mortgage application was accurate.

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19. Peter Mandelson bought a home in Notting Hill in 1996 partly with an interest-free loan of £373,000 from Geoffrey Robinson, a cabinet colleague and millionaire whose business dealings were subject to an inquiry by Mandelson's department.

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20. Peter Mandelson appointed a "Net Tsar" to lead the UK in what he termed the "new industrial revolution".

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21. Peter Mandelson was appointed as a Minister without Portfolio in the Cabinet Office, where his job was to co-ordinate within government.

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22. Peter Mandelson agreed to be called "Bobby" for the duration and was thanked by Blair using this name in his victory speech.

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23. Peter Mandelson was first elected to the House of Commons at the 1992 general election, and made several speeches outlining his strong support for the European Union.

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24. Peter Mandelson ceased being a Labour Party official in 1991 when he was selected as Labour candidate for the safe seat of Hartlepool.

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25. Peter Mandelson was elected to Lambeth Borough Council in September 1979 but stood down in 1982, disillusioned with the state of Labour politics.

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26. On his mother's side Peter Mandelson is the grandson of Herbert Morrison, the London County Council Leader and Labour Cabinet Minister in the Attlee ministry.

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27. Peter Mandelson was born in Hampstead Garden Suburb, Middlesex, on 21 October 1953, the son of Mary Joyce and George Norman Mandelson.

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28. Peter Mandelson resigned twice from the Cabinet before leaving Parliament to take up an appointment as a European Commissioner.

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29. Peter Mandelson was one of several key individuals responsible for the rebranding of the Labour Party as New Labour before its subsequent victory in the 1997 election.

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30. Peter Mandelson was the European Commissioner for Trade between 2004 and 2008.

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31. Peter Mandelson served as Member of Parliament for Hartlepool from 1992 to 2004, and held a number of Cabinet positions under Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

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