20 Facts About Peter Mukerjea


Peter Mukerjea quit the company in 2009 and retired to Bristol.


Peter Mukerjea was released on bail on 20 March 2020.


Peter Mukerjea graduated from the Doon school in Dehradun, India in 1971.


Peter Mukerjea has a younger brother called Gautam Mukerjea who runs a lifestyle magazine named Planet Goa.


Peter Mukerjea lived and worked in Mumbai while employed with STAR India.


Later that year Peter Mukerjea married Indrani in a small wedding ceremony in friend Suhel Seth's garden house in New Delhi.


Peter Mukerjea started his career in marketing with American food processing company Heinz and British retailer Storehouse plc in United Kingdom.


Peter Mukerjea moved to Mumbai shortly after joining to establish STAR TV's advertising sales division in India.


In 1996 Peter Mukerjea acquired additional responsibility for the Middle East market.


Peter Mukerjea represented Star TV's interests as a member of the Board of Directors of television channel ESPN STAR Sports, cable television service operator Hathway and joint venture company Media Content and Communications Services for Star News.


Peter Mukerjea has resigned as director at INX Executive Search Private Limited.


Peter Mukerjea is an angel investor in Kratos, an on-demand digital advertisement platform.


Peter Mukerjea is considered one of the most successful executives in the history of Indian television industry.


At STAR India, Peter Mukerjea forged and nurtured a team whose members have become senior media executives in their own right: Raj Nayak, Ajay Vidyasagar, Jagdish Kumar, Sameer Nair, Tarun Katial, Tony D'Silva, Sumantra Dutta, Anant Rangaswami, Yash Khanna, Seema Mohapatra, Monica Tata, Sunita Rajan, Vibhu Sharma and Rajnath Kamath.


Peter Mukerjea submitted a written statement to the police that was prepared in conjunction with his lawyer.


Peter Mukerjea claimed that his passport was evidence that he was in Rome at the time of the murder in April, 2012.


In November 2015 Peter Mukerjea was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation for his alleged role in the murder conspiracy.


Peter Mukerjea was kept in CBI custody for two weeks during which period he subjected to a polygraph test with his consent and in the presence of his lawyer.


In December 2015 Peter Mukerjea was remanded to judicial custody in Arthur Road Jail.


On March 20,2020, Peter Mukerjea was released from Arthur Road Jail, six weeks after he was granted bail by the High Court and over 4.5 years after his initial arrest.