29 Facts About Peter Shilton

1. Peter Shilton married Sue in 1970, and the couple have two sons, Michael and Sam, a professional footballer.

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2. Peter Shilton needed to deal with the shot but dived late, leaving the shot too close to his body, and Poland scored.

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3. Peter Shilton was selected by Ramsey for the match, walking out behind captain Martin Peters to earn his 15th cap.

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4. Peter Shilton showed great guarantee like a goalkeeper from an early on age.

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5. Peter Shilton competed in the 1982, 1986 and 1992 World Cups.

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6. Peter Shilton holds the record for playing more games for England than anyone else with 125 caps.

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7. Peter Shilton is the footballer with the most appearances in soccer.

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8. Peter Shilton is an English goalkeeper who managed to play over 1000 matches for both club and country.

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9. Peter Shilton was a contestant in the 2010 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

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10. Peter Shilton is an English retired football player.

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11. Peter Shilton is a supporter of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

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12. Peter Shilton was charged with drinking and driving in March 2013.

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13. Peter Shilton was made an Inaugural Inductee of the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

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14. In March 2015, it was announced that Peter Shilton was to marry his second wife, jazz singer Steph Hayward, the pair having got engaged in 2014.

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15. In December 2011, it was announced that Peter Shilton had split from his wife after 40 years of marriage.

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16. Peter Shilton married Sue Flitcroft in September 1970, and the couple have two sons, Michael and Sam, a professional footballer.

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17. Peter Shilton was never booked or sent off at full international level.

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18. In June 1989, Peter Shilton broke his old England skipper Bobby Moore's record of 108 appearances for his country when he won his 109th cap in a friendly against Denmark in Copenhagen.

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19. Peter Shilton joined Wimbledon in the Premier League, as cover for the first choice keeper Hans Segers, but did not play a first team game for them.

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20. Peter Shilton finally left Derby in February 1992 on accepting an offer to become player-manager of Plymouth Argyle—a turbulent era that is documented in the 2009 book, Peter Shilton's Nearly Men.

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21. Peter Shilton was 42 years old and was ready to become a coach or manager.

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22. In 1991, Derby were relegated and Peter Shilton started to consider his playing future.

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23. Peter Shilton left Forest for Southampton, where his former international teammates Keegan and Alan Ball were both playing.

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24. Peter Shilton had another eventful season with Forest, reaching a third consecutive League Cup final, with Wolverhampton Wanderers the opponents at Wembley.

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25. Peter Shilton was sold to Nottingham Forest in September 1977.

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26. Peter Shilton joined Stoke City in November 1974 for £325,000, a world record for a goalkeeper at that time.

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27. Peter Shilton settled into first team life thereafter, even managing to score a goal at The Dell against Southampton in October 1967 direct from a clearance at the opposite end of the pitch.

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28. Peter Shilton caught the eye of first-team goalkeeper Gordon Banks, who commented to the coach about how promising he was.

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29. Peter Shilton has the distinction of playing over 100 league games for five different clubs.

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