10 Facts About Peter Skewes


Peter Skewes was born on 1957 and is an American university professor and political activist best known for his candidacy for president of the United States as the nominee of the American Party of South Carolina in the 2016 presidential election.


Peter Skewes was the 1985 recipient of the Graduate Student Research Manuscript Award from the Poultry Science Association.


Peter Skewes began teaching animal and veterinary science at Clemson University in 1985; there, he studies animal welfare issues and the behavior of domestic animals.


At Clemson, in addition to his teaching and research duties, Peter Skewes served as chair of the university's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.


Peter Skewes serves on the editorial board of the scholarly journal Poultry Science.


In May 2016 Peter Skewes won the nomination of the American Party of South Carolina in a three-way contest; the party had been founded in 2014 by former South Carolina Superintendent of Education Jim Rex.


Rex commented on Peter Skewes' walk that it was "a testament to the fact that the American Party has an ability to attract a different type of person to run for public office".


Peter Skewes told the Greenville News that he would consider his candidacy a success if he placed third in the presidential vote in South Carolina.


Peter Skewes ultimately placed seventh out of seven candidates, receiving 3,221 votes, or about 0.2-percent of the total ballots cast in South Carolina.


Peter Skewes is married; his wife, Teresa, is an employee of Clemson University.