42 Facts About Peter Sutherland


Peter Denis Sutherland was an Irish businessman, barrister and Fine Gael politician who served as UN Special Representative for International Migration from 2006 to 2017.


Peter Sutherland was known for serving in various international organisations, political and business roles.


Peter Sutherland served as President of the International Catholic Migration Commission, as well as a member of the Migration Advisory Board of the International Organization for Migration.


Peter Sutherland was a board member of Wallenberg-owned ABB and the Wallenbergs' conglomerate holding company, Investor AB.


Peter Sutherland previously served as Attorney General of Ireland ; European Commissioner for Competition ; founding Director-General of the World Trade Organization, formerly GATT ; and chairman of Goldman Sachs International.


Peter Sutherland received numerous awards, including the European Person of the Year Award.


Peter Sutherland was born in Dublin in 1946 and was educated at Gonzaga College in Ranelagh, Dublin.


Peter Sutherland graduated in Civil Law at University College Dublin and practised at the Irish Bar between 1969 and 1980.


Peter Sutherland was appointed Attorney General of Ireland in June 1981, serving until March 1982.


Peter Sutherland retook the post from December 1982 to December 1984.


Peter Sutherland was appointed to the European Commission in 1985 and had responsibility for competition policy and, initially for 1985 only, for education.


Peter Sutherland said that he was especially pleased to have proposed the establishment of the Erasmus Programme that allows European university students to study in other member states.


Peter Sutherland was chairman of the Committee that produced the Sutherland Report on the completion of the Internal Market of the European Economic Community, commissioned by the EC and presented to the European Council at its Edinburgh meeting in 1992.


Peter Sutherland served in the first Delors Commission, where he played a crucial role in opening up European competition, particularly in the airline, telecoms, and energy sectors.


Peter Sutherland played a major role in reinforcing state aid control, notably through the high-profile Boussac case.


Peter Sutherland was instrumental in elevating the office of director-general to one that dealt directly with presidents and prime ministers, not just ministers, a key factor in the success of negotiations and the political esteem of the body going forward.


Peter Sutherland served as Chairman of the Advisory Council to the Director-General, which produced the report on the future of the WTO, published in 2005.


Peter Sutherland was the chairman of Allied Irish Banks from 1989 until 1993.


Peter Sutherland was non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International until June 2015.


Peter Sutherland was a director of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group until the UK government took it over to avoid bankruptcy.


Peter Sutherland was a non-executive director of construction materials giant CRH plc from 1989 to July 1993.


Peter Sutherland served on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group until May 2014, and was Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, formerly Chairman of the Trilateral Commission ; and vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists.


Peter Sutherland was chairman of the Board of Governors of the European Institute of Public Administration from 1991 to 1996.


Peter Sutherland was Honorary President of the European Movement Ireland.


Peter Sutherland was a member of the Hong Kong Chief Executive's Council of International Advisers between 1998 and 2005.


Peter Sutherland produced the Sutherland Report for the Portuguese government on the handover of Macao to China in January 2000.


Peter Sutherland was President of the Federal Trust for Education and Research, a British think tank; chairman of The Ireland Fund of Great Britain from 2001 to 2009, part of The Ireland Funds; and a member of the advisory council of Business for New Europe, a British pro-European think-tank.


Peter Sutherland was a member of the Commission on Human Security set up by the Japanese government that reported to the United Nations in 2003.


Peter Sutherland served on the International Advisory Board of IESE Business School, the graduate business school of Spain's University of Navarra.


Peter Sutherland was co-chairman of the High Level Group appointed by the governments of Germany, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Turkey to report on the conclusion of the Doha Round and the future of multilateral trade negotiations.


In May 2012, Peter Sutherland was named Honorary President of the European Policy Centre, a Brussels-based independent think tank.


Peter Sutherland was back home in London within a week, undergoing a major operation.


Peter Sutherland had an operation for throat cancer in August 2009, and following the procedure, he underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Peter Sutherland visited Fianna Fail politician Brian Lenihan to tell him what a great job he thought he was doing and to say that Lenihan had the potential to be one of the great taoisigh of the 21st century.


Peter Sutherland believed Ireland failed in economic terms over most of the past four decades except for a "sparkling period" from 1994 to 2002 when the state took advantage of European Union changes freeing up the movement of goods, capital and services across Europe.


Peter Sutherland cited his work at GATT and the introduction of the Erasmus student exchange programme when he briefly held the education portfolio at the Commission in 1986 as his two most rewarding achievements.


In September 2016, Peter Sutherland suffered a heart attack while attending mass at a Catholic church in London.


Peter Sutherland gave his opinion to the UK's House of Lords Home Affairs Committee on 21 June 2012 as being.


Peter Sutherland's stated opinions on policy were that "it was fundamentally important for states to cooperate on migration policy rather than developing their own policies in isolation as 'no state is or can be an island".


Peter Sutherland restated his view in the syndicated article co-authored with Cecilia Malmstrom titled "Europe's Immigration Challenge", the opening paragraph of which declares:.


In June 2014, Peter Sutherland was appointed President of the International Catholic Migration Commission.


Peter Sutherland received fifteen honorary doctorates from universities in Europe and America.