27 Facts About Peter Wyngarde

1. Peter Wyngarde was declared bankrupt in 1982 and again in 1988.

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2. Peter Wyngarde called Vivien Leigh "the love of my life".

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3. Peter Wyngarde said that as a young man he was married to the actress Dorinda Stevens for three years, and a Dorinda and Peter Wyngarde are shown living together on the 1953 electoral roll for Holland Park.

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4. Peter Wyngarde appeared as a guest of Simon Dee in the Channel Four one-off revival of his chat show Dee Time in 2003.

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5. Peter Wyngarde appeared in The Prisoner as the authority figure called Number Two.

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6. Peter Wyngarde took the role of Pausanias opposite Richard Burton in the film Alexander the Great, and appeared in the film The Siege of Sidney Street (1960) with Donald Sinden.

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7. Peter Wyngarde appeared as Long John Silver in a 1958 adaptation of The Adventures of Ben Gunn, and as Sir Roger Casement in an episode of the Granada Television's On Trial series produced by Peter Wildeblood.

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8. Peter Wyngarde appeared with Alec Guinness in Hamlet in London in 1951 and with Siobhan McKenna in Saint Joan in 1954.

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9. Peter Wyngarde is listed as an 18-year-old passenger travelling alone.

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10. Peter Wyngarde denied having ever known J G Ballard in the camp at Lunghua.

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11. Peter Wyngarde points out it was a Bentley, not a Roller, and champagne, not claret.

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12. Peter Wyngarde signed his contract for Department S on a napkin in a restaurant and went on to make the Jason King character his own.

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13. Peter Wyngarde said she looked like Claudette Colbert and was a racing driver.

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14. Peter Wyngarde was born in Marseille, France, to an English father and French mother.

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15. Peter Wyngarde had a long career on stage and screen but is best known as handlebar-mustachioed investigator King.

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16. Peter Wyngarde shared a flat in Earls Terrace, Kensington, with the actor Alan Bates for some years in the 1960s.

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17. From the mid-1950s Peter Wyngarde had roles in feature films, television plays and television series guest appearances.

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18. In the early 1940s, Peter Wyngarde was living in Shanghai, possibly with his Swiss mother and two younger siblings, although some biographies of Wyngarde state that he was living with a surrogate Swiss family unrelated to him.

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19. Peter Wyngarde appeared in at least one British TV drama, and often several, every year from 1954 to 1972, which is fairly remarkable.

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20. Peter Wyngarde was born in Marseilles, France to an English father and a French mother.

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21. Peter Wyngarde claimed that: "It sold out in next to no time.

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22. Peter Wyngarde played the masked character Klytus in the film Flash Gordon and Sir Robert Knight in the film Tank Malling (1989) with Ray Winstone.

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23. Peter Wyngarde was a guest star, playing himself as a Shakespearean actor in the 1966 prime-time TV special, Lucy in London starring Lucille Ball.

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24. From the mid-1950s, Peter Wyngarde had roles in feature films, television plays and television series guest appearances.

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25. In an interview, Peter Wyngarde said that he studied in the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford for three months, before leaving to work in a London advertising agency, though there is no supporting evidence for the claim.

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26. In a 1993 interview Peter Wyngarde claimed not to know his own age.

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27. Peter Wyngarde gave his place of birth as Singapore on a 1960 immigration application, although a 1956 Straits Times article about his mother does give Marseille as his birthplace.

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