23 Facts About Phil Simms

1. Phil Simms is a well-known name in the sports field.

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2. Phil Simms got drafted into the Kentucky "Pro Football Hall of Fame" in 2011.

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3. Phil Simms began his football career since his high school days.

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4. Phil Simms is a retired American football player who is well known for playing his entire career for the 'New York Giants'.

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5. Phil Simms got inducted into the Kentucky "Pro Football Hall of Fame" in 2011.

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6. Phil Simms studied in a Catholic grade school in his early days.

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7. Phil Simms started his football career since his high school days.

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8. Phil Simms was born in Springfield in the state of Kentucky on November 3, 1954.

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9. Phil Simms is a relative of former Vanderbilt quarterback Oliver "Doc" Kuhn and former Kentucky quarterback John Simms "Shipwreck" Kelly.

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10. Phil Simms is fond of New Jersey, remarking in 1987; "I wasn't overjoyed about coming to New York.

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11. Phil Simms is part of the commentary team, along with his broadcast partner Jim Nantz, in the Madden NFL 13, 25, 15, and 16 video games.

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12. Phil Simms added 349 carries for 1,252 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns on the ground.

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13. Phil Simms considered playing for the Browns in 1995, but eventually decided to stay retired.

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14. Phil Simms was named starter for the 1992 season after beating out Hostetler for the job in preseason.

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15. Phil Simms performed well in the strike-shortened 1987 NFL season, finishing with the second highest quarterback rating in the NFC.

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16. Phil Simms was voted to the Pro Bowl and named Pro Bowl MVP as he led the NFC to a comeback win over the American Football Conference by throwing three touchdowns.

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17. Phil Simms gained a better understanding of NFL defenses, his team's formations, and pass protection schemes, and improved his ability to audible at the line of scrimmage.

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18. Phil Simms was runner-up for Rookie of the Year, behind future teammate Ottis Anderson.

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19. Phil Simms was the quarterback of the Trojans of Southern High School in Louisville and graduated in 1974.

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20. Phil Simms is the father of former NFL quarterback, assistant coach, and current college football analyst Chris Simms, as well as NFL quarterback Matt Simms.

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21. Phil Simms finished his career with 33,462 passing yards and has since gone on to be a career broadcaster of NFL games—first as an analyst for ESPN, then as a in-game color commentator with NBC, and currently with CBS.

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22. Phil Simms was named to the Pro Bowl for his performances in the 1985 and 1993 seasons.

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23. Phil Simms is currently a television sportscaster for the CBS network.

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