18 Facts About Porter Wagoner

1. In 1960, Porter Wagoner debuted with his own syndicated half-hour series for television, The Porter Wagoner Show.

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2. Porter Wagoner spent the next several years playing on various radio shows, and in 1954, got his break when he began appearing on Ozark Jubilee, the first nationally televised country-music show.

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3. Porter Wagoner was born in 1927 on a Missouri farm, and grew up a devotee of the Saturday-night broadcasts originating from Nashville's Grand Ole Opry.

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4. Porter Wagoner went on to record and produce other artists in his Fireside Studio and experimented with non-country influences like soul, pop, and disco.

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5. Porter Wagoner looked ahead to the future of country music and its institutions.

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6. Porter Wagoner was married twice; with the former Ruth Williams he had three children, Richard, Denise, and Debra.

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7. Porter Wagoner had signed a recording contract with the RCA label in August of 1952, but his first few albums were released to indifferent critical response.

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8. Porter Wagoner was first married to Velma Johnson in 1943.

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9. In 1982, Porter Wagoner had a small role in the film Honkytonk Man as the character Dusty.

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10. Porter Wagoner was famous for his flashy handmade rhinestone suits and blond pompadour.

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11. Porter Wagoner was remembered for hiring Dolly Parton as his duet partner in 1967.

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12. Porter Wagoner died from lung cancer in Nashville on October 28, 2007, with his family and Dolly Parton at his side.

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13. Porter Wagoner was survived by his three children, Richard, Denise and Debra.

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14. Porter Wagoner toured during the summer of 2007 to promote the album, including a late-July appearance on Late Show with David Letterman.

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15. Porter Wagoner was honored on May 19, 2007 at the Grand Ole Opry for both his 50 years of membership and his 80th birthday.

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16. Porter Wagoner made a guest appearance on the HBO comedy series Da Ali G Show in 2004, its second season, interviewed by Borat Sagdiyev.

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17. Porter Wagoner often appeared on the show as part of the Porter Wagoner Trio with Don Warden and Speedy Haworth.

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18. Porter Wagoner was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2002.

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