20 Facts About Pratibha Ray


Pratibha Ray was born on 21 January 1944 and is an Indian academic and writer of Odia-language novels and stories.

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Pratibha Ray was born on 21 January 1943, at Alabol, a remote village in the Balikuda area of Jagatsinghpur district formerly part of Cuttack district of Odisha state.

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Pratibha Ray was the first woman to win the Moortidevi Award in 1991.

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Pratibha Ray's first novel Barsha Basanta Baishakha was a best seller.

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Pratibha Ray continued her writing career even after her marriage and raising a family of three children and husband Akshay Ray who is an engineer.

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Pratibha Ray started her professional career as a school teacher, and later she taught in various government colleges in Odisha for thirty years.

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Pratibha Ray has guided doctoral research and has published many research articles.

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Pratibha Ray took voluntary retirement as a Professor of Education from State Government Service and joined as Member, Public Service Commission of Odisha.

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Pratibha Ray has active interest in social reform and has fought against social injustice on many occasions.

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Pratibha Ray is currently fighting a defamation case lodged by the priests against her for her newspaper article in which she wrote against the undesirable behaviour of the priests, titled "The Colour of Religion is Black".

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Pratibha Ray has travelled extensively inside India to participate in various national literary and educational conferences.

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Pratibha Ray visited five republics of the erstwhile USSR in 1986 in a cultural exchange programme sponsored by ISCUS.

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Pratibha Ray represented India as an Indian writer in the India Fair in Australia, "India Today 94".

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Pratibha Ray gave readings and talks on Indian literature and languages in several universities of Australia.

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Pratibha Ray has visited the US, UK and France on speaking tours, represented India as an Indian writer in the India Festival in Bangladesh in 1996, and attended the 7th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women in the University of Tromsø, Norway, in June 1999 as an Indian delegate.

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Pratibha Ray visited Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark on a speaking tour in 1999.

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Pratibha Ray is a member of a number of learned societies.

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Pratibha Ray is connected with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Central Board of Film Certification, Indian Red Cross Society, India International Centre, National Book Trust of India, Central Academy of Letters etc.

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Pratibha Ray has travelled extensively in India and abroad to participate in various literary and educational conferences.

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Pratibha Ray has won a number of national and state awards for her creative writing.

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