9 Facts About Raghuram Rajan

1. In 1991, Raghuram Rajan joined the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago and went on to become a Professor of Finance there.

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2. In 2012, Raghuram Rajan was appointed the Chief Economic Adviser of the Government of India.

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3. In September 2017, Raghuram Rajan revealed that though he was willing to take an extension and serve a second term as RBI Governor, the government had not extended any offer to him which left him with no choice but to return to the University of Chicago.

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4. On 18 June 2016, Raghuram Rajan announced that he would not be serving a second term as RBI Governor, and planned to return to academia.

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5. On 6 August 2013 it was announced that Raghuram Rajan would take over as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India for a term of 3 years, succeeding Duvvuri Subbarao.

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6. In a 2014 interview, Raghuram Rajan said his major targets as governor of the Reserve Bank of India were to lower inflation, increase savings and deepen financial markets, of which he believed reducing inflation was the most important.

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7. On 10 August 2012 Raghuram Rajan was appointed as chief economic adviser to India's Ministry of Finance, succeeding Kaushik Basu in the role.

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8. In 1991, Raghuram Rajan joined as an assistant professor of finance at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, and became a full professor in 1995.

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9. In 2003, Raghuram Rajan received the inaugural Fischer Black Prize, given every two years by the American Finance Association to the financial economist younger than 40 who has made the most significant contribution to the theory and practice of finance.

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