101 Facts About Rahul Dravid

1. Rahul Dravid returned with scores of 13, 42 and 0 from three innings.

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2. Rahul Dravid was keen to play down the margin of India A's one-day victory against a solid Lions outfit captained by Ben Duckett.

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3. KL Rahul Dravid has struggled for form over recent months, but Dravid believed the opener's ability would help him bounce back.

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4. Rahul Dravid took the wicket of Ridley Jacobs who was batting on 118—Dravid's only wicket in Test cricket.

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5. Rahul Dravid took the wicket of Ridley Jacobs who was batting on 118—Dravid's only wicket in Test cricket.

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6. Rahul Dravid was even dropped from the ODI team due to his inability to perform.

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7. Rahul Dravid said that the reason for his poor performance in the ODI format of the game was due to the fact that growing up he always wanted to be a test cricketer.

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8. Rahul Dravid led India to a historic Test series win, against the West Indies away in 2006.

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9. Rahul Dravid holds the distinction of being the only Indian to score centuries in four consecutive Test match innings when he scored 100* against West Indies at Mumbai.

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10. Rahul Dravid constantly interacts with the junior selection panel as well.

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11. Rahul Dravid believes the interview in which Pandya and Rahul appeared was not a true reflection of the players.

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12. Rahul Dravid said it is important to realise that sometimes these things can happen.

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13. Rahul Dravid was criticised by Vijay Mallya for not picking the team with right balance after his then IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore finished seventh out of the eight teams that participated in the 2008 season.

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14. Rahul Dravid became the first Indian to score triple century in test with a score of 309.

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15. Rahul Dravid was named one of the Wisden cricketers of the year in 2000.

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16. Rahul Dravid received scant support from his teammates as India were bowled out for 286 and lost the test.

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17. Rahul Dravid made 72 not out in the second innings, and India won.

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18. Rahul Dravid was appointed the vice-captain during 2003 World Cup, in which India reached the finals, playing as a wicket-keeper batsman to accommodate an additional batsman, a strategy that worked out well.

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19. Rahul Dravid failed in the first innings of the Second Test at Nottingham as India scored 357 runs.

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20. Rahul Dravid scored 46 and 63 in the First Test at Lord's as India lost the match by 170 runs.

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21. Rahul Dravid took the wicket of Ridley Jacobs who was batting on 118—Dravid's only wicket in Test cricket.

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22. Rahul Dravid scored fourteen hundreds during the period, including four double hundreds.

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23. Rahul Dravid was adjudged man of the match for his match winning knock.

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24. Rahul Dravid scored 200 not out in the first inning and 70 not out in the second, guiding India to a comfortable 9-wicket victory against Zimbabwe.

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25. Rahul Dravid featured in a 331-run partnership with Tendulkar, which was the highest partnership in ODI cricket history, a record that stood for 15 years until it was broken in 2015.

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26. Rahul Dravid capped a successful World Cup outing on personal front with a commentary stint during the World Cup Final which resulted in him getting reprimanded by the BCCI for appearing on television without board's permission.

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27. Rahul Dravid made his World Cup debut against South Africa at Hove striking a half century, but scored just 13 in the next game against Zimbabwe.

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28. Rahul Dravid learned to pace his innings cleverly without going for the slogs.

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29. Rahul Dravid effected a brilliant run out of Russel Arnold during Sri Lankan innings fielding at short leg.

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30. Rahul Dravid scored another fifty in the first innings of the Third Test.

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31. Rahul Dravid took his first catch in Test cricket in this match to dismiss Nasser Hussain off the bowling of Srinath.

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32. Rahul Dravid went back to the domestic circuit and kept knocking harder.

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33. Rahul Dravid is fluent in several languages, Marathi, Kannada, English and Hindi.

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34. Rahul Dravid appeared in the 2012 Indian Premier League as captain of the Rajasthan Royals.

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35. Rahul Dravid is the current Overseas Batting Consultant for the Indian team, and the head coach for the Under-19 and 'A' teams.

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36. Rahul Dravid notices this and smiles in a shy, self-conscious way.

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37. Rahul Dravid talked with my friend in the hospital for almost an hour.

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38. Rahul Dravid wished him luck and had a small chat about how did it go.

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39. Rahul Dravid asked the storyteller his purpose of visit and he told it was for an interview in an IT company.

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40. Rahul Dravid was born on January 11, 1973, when India and England were playing a Test match in Chennai.

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41. Rahul Dravid has often spoken about his father Sharad's role in introducing him to cricket.

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42. Rahul Dravid was born to Pushpa and Sharad in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

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43. Rahul Dravid made his international debut against Sri Lanka in a one day series in Singapore in 1996.

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44. Rahul Dravid was born on January 11, 1973 to Maharashtrian parents Sharad Dravid and Pushpa Dravid in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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45. Rahul Dravid has always been the definition of Patience, class and technique.

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46. Rahul Dravid has celebrated the total number of 45 birthdays till date.

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47. Rahul Dravid was the top scorer in the seventh ODI World Cup in England in 1999, with 461 runs, a perfect response to people who kept insisting he was a test match batsman.

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48. Rahul Dravid is the only non-Australian cricketer to address the Bradman Oration.

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49. Rahul Dravid married Vijeta Pendharkar, a surgeon from Nagpur, on May 4, 2003.

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50. Rahul Dravid was the brand embassador for Karnataka Tourism in 2004.

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51. Rahul Dravid was a part of a prank by the popular MTV Bakra Segment.

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52. In 2004, Rahul Dravid was the stand-in captain as Ganguly was injured.

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53. Rahul Dravid announced retirement from Twenty20 after playing the 2013 Champions League Twenty20 in Sept 2013.

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54. Rahul Dravid scored 31 off 21 deliveries hitting 3 consecutive sixes in the match against England at Manchester.

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55. Rahul Dravid was dropped from the ODI side in 2009 but was recalled in 2011.

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56. Rahul Dravid was tagged as a Test player largely due to his failures in ODIs.

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57. Rahul Dravid concluded a successful debut series with an impressive average of 62.33 from 2 Test matches.

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58. Rahul Dravid made his ODI debut in 1996 against Sri Lanka when he replaced Vinod Kambli in the team.

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59. Rahul Dravid made his Ranji debut in 1991 when he was still attending his college.

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60. Rahul Dravid was born on January 11, 1973, at Indore in India.

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61. Rahul Dravid is undoubtedly one of the greatest cricketers India has ever produced.

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62. Rahul Dravid scored 5 double centuries during his entire Test career.

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63. Rahul Dravid is one of the finest batsmen that India has ever produced.

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64. When asked for a response, Rahul Dravid said that Shastri, while a 'fair critic', was 'not privy' to the internal decision-making process of the team.

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65. Rahul Dravid has had a mixed record when leading India in Tests.

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66. In January 2004, Rahul Dravid was found guilty of ball tampering during an ODI with Zimbabwe.

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67. On 18 March 2006, Rahul Dravid played his 100th Test against England in Mumbai.

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68. In 2004, Rahul Dravid was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India.

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69. Rahul Dravid was involved in two of the largest partnerships in ODIs: a 318-run partnership with Sourav Ganguly, the first pair to combine for a 300-run partnership, and then a 331-run partnership with Sachin Tendulkar, which is a world record.

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70. Rahul Dravid is a specialist batsman, averaging 63.51 in matches played since 1 January 2000.

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71. Rahul Dravid has scored 36 centuries in Test cricket at an average of 53.19; this included five double centuries.

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72. Rahul Dravid is known for his technique, and had been one of the best batsmen for the Indian cricket team.

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73. Rahul Dravid announced retirement from Twenty20 after playing the 2013 Champions League Twenty20 in Sept-Oct 2013.

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74. Rahul Dravid made sure they stay put in the First Division by fetching that one bonus point with an inning of 77 runs.

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75. Rahul Dravid scored 73 not out in the 2nd innings guiding Kent to a six wicket victory as Warne went wicketless.

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76. In June 2000, Rahul Dravid had to miss a county match for Kent in order to perform his national duties.

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77. Rahul Dravid had always been keen on further honing his batting skills in testing English conditions by playing in county cricket.

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78. Rahul Dravid was dropped from the ODI team in 2009, but was selected again for an ODI series in England in 2011, surprising even Dravid himself since, although he had not officially retired from ODI cricket, he had not expected to be recalled.

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79. Rahul Dravid failed in both innings in the third test at Birmingham, as India lost by an innings and 242 runs, one of the heaviest defeats in their history.

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80. Rahul Dravid was appointed the captain for the Indian team for 2007 World Cup, where India had an unsuccessful campaign.

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81. Rahul Dravid was adjudged man of the match for second consecutive match.

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82. Rahul Dravid warmed up for the four-match Test series with a fifty against Hampshire in the tour game.

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83. Rahul Dravid contributed to the win with a fifty and 4 catches.

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84. Rahul Dravid scored an unbeaten hundred, his tenth overall and 6th outside India, against West Indies at Georgetown in the first test match.

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85. For the next four years, Rahul Dravid outclassed every Indian batsman by a mile to establish himself as India's most prolific run-machine.

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86. Rahul Dravid captained the team in the 'unofficial' Third test in the absence of injured Ganguly, which India lost by an innings margin.

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87. Rahul Dravid opened the innings in the first test of the ensuing Test series but failed to make a mark as India lost the match.

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88. Rahul Dravid scored 80 in the first of the 5-match ODI series at his home ground as India won the match by 60 runs.

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89. Rahul Dravid failed in the first innings of the First Test but displayed strong resilience in Tendulkar's company in the second innings.

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90. Rahul Dravid had recommended Wright's name as the new national team coach having had the first hand experience of Wright's coaching skills during his county stint.

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91. In May 2000, while Rahul Dravid was busy playing county cricket in England, Indian team was announced for the Asia cup and he was handed the vice-captaincy of the team.

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92. With this series, Rahul Dravid ended an eventful year, as far as his ODI career was concerned, on a high note.

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93. Rahul Dravid kick-started his post World Cup Test season with a decent outing against New Zealand in the 3-match home series.

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94. Rahul Dravid struck a fine fifty in the last group match as India defeated England to advance into the Super Six stage.

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95. In the absence of injured Nayan Mongia, Rahul Dravid played his first ODI as a designated keeper against Sri Lanka at Taunton.

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96. Rahul Dravid announced his form in England hitting consecutive fifties against Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire in the warm-up games.

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97. Rahul Dravid tasted first success of his ODI career in the 1996 'Friendship' Cup against Pakistan in the tough conditions of Toronto.

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98. In a stark contrast to his Test career, Rahul Dravid had to struggle a lot to make a mark in the ODIs.

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99. On the fourth morning, Rahul Dravid got injured while fielding at the same position when the ball from Jayawardene's pull shot hit him below his left eye through the helmet grill.

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100. Rahul Dravid scored his fourth hundred of the season at Colombo in the first innings of the match.

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101. Rahul Dravid played his part in the 10-wicket haul by taking a catch to dismiss Mushtaq Ahmed who was Kumble's eighth victim of the innings.

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