23 Facts About Ramon Magsaysay

1. Ramon Magsaysay was born in Philippines on a Saturday, August 31, 1907.

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2. Ramon Magsaysay was the principal wedding sponsor of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos as well as Benigno and Corazon Aquino.

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3. Ramon Magsaysay was the first Philippine President to wear the Barong Tagalog when he was sworn into office.

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4. Ramon Magsaysay was the first elected president that did not come from the Senate since Quezon.

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5. At the start of World War II, Ramon Magsaysay joined the motor pool of the 31st Infantry Division of the Philippine army.

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6. Ramon Magsaysay was born Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay in Iba, a city in the Philippines, on August 31, 1907.

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7. Ramon Magsaysay finished his high school from the Zambales Academy, and then joined the University of Philippines for a pre-medical course.

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8. Ramon Magsaysay had earlier resigned from the Liberal party and was chosen candidate for president by the Nacionalista party.

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9. Ramon Magsaysay sent forces to fight under the United Nations command in Korea.

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10. Ramon Magsaysay was among those instrumental in clearing the Zambales coast of the Japanese prior to the landing of American liberation forces on Jan 29, 1945.

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11. Ramon Magsaysay was posthumously referred to as the "Champion of the Masses".

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12. On March 16, 1957, Ramon Magsaysay left Manila for Cebu City where he spoke at three educational institutions.

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13. Ramon Magsaysay made the Philippines a member of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, which was established in Pepe Land on September 8, 1954 during the "Manila Conference".

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14. Ramon Magsaysay Appointed Zotico Tex Paderanga Carrillo his Close Aide and Secretary 1953, as PCAC Chief for Mindanao and Sulu, he became a close friend to the president because of his charisma to the Common people of Mindanao.

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15. True to his electoral promise, President Ramon Magsaysay created the Presidential Complaints and Action Committee.

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16. Ramon Magsaysay restored the people's trust in the military and in the government.

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17. Ramon Magsaysay led the foundation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, known as the Manila Pact of 1954, that aimed to defeat communist-Marxist movements in South East Asia, South Asia and the Southwestern Pacific.

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18. Ramon Magsaysay was sworn into office wearing the Barong Tagalog, a first by a Philippine president.

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19. Ramon Magsaysay resigned his post as defense secretary on February 28, 1953, and became the presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party, disputing the nomination with senator Camilo Osias at the Nacionalista national convention.

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20. In June 1952, Ramon Magsaysay made a goodwill tour to the United States and Mexico.

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21. Ramon Magsaysay spent his grade school life somewhere in Castillejos and his high school life at Pampanga Academy in San Narciso, Zambales.

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22. Ramon Magsaysay was the first Philippine president born during the 20th century and the first to be born after the Spanish colonial era.

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23. Ramon Magsaysay was elected president under the banner of the Nacionalista Party.

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