7 Facts About Randy Jackson

1. Around this time, Randy Jackson was involved in an auto accident.

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2. In 1999, Randy Jackson found out that he has type 2 diabetes.

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3. In 1979, Randall Randy Jackson graduated from the Southern University where he studied music.

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4. On May 9, 2013, Randy Jackson announced that he would be leaving American Idol after twelve seasons due to him wanting to focus on other business ventures.

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5. In February 2010, Randy Jackson participated in We Are the World 25 for Haiti as part of the chorus.

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6. In 2009, Randy Jackson began working with former Idol finalist Kimberley Locke, producing her 4th album.

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7. In 1995, Randy Jackson married Erika Riker, with whom he has two children, a daughter named Zoe and a son named Jordan.

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