51 Facts About Ravi Shastri

1. Ravi Shastri recently bought a brand new luxury car for $100,000.

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2. Ravi Shastri owns few of the best luxury cars in the world.

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3. Ravi Shastri is an Indian cricket commentator, former player and current head coach of the Indian national cricket team.

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4. Ravi Shastri became head coach for Indian National Cricket team in July 15, 2017.

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5. Ravi Shastri was very famous all-rounder player, who played for the India National Cricket team between Year, 1981 to 1992 in ODI and Tests both cricket.

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6. Ravi Shastri recorded the second fastest double-ton in First-Class cricket during the famous knock against Baroda in the Ranji Trophy in 1985.

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7. Ravi Shastri had another notable sportsperson in the family—Mridula Shastri, who captained the Indian women team as a swimmer and water polo player.

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8. Ravi Shastri began his Test career at No 10 in the batting order.

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9. Ravi Shastri was still in college when he got a SOS from the Indian team in New Zealand.

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10. Ravi Shastri is the Director of Cricket for the Indian team on their ongoing tour of England.

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11. Ravi Shastri said Kohli at No 4 can make the batting unit more stronger.

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12. Ravi Shastri was named the Celebrity Torchbearer for the Oman Leg of the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay.

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13. Ravi Shastri temporarily coached the Indian cricket team for their 2007 Bangladesh tour.

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14. Ravi Shastri made his debut as a TV commentator with the World Masters Tournament in Mumbai in March 1995.

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15. Ravi Shastri had batted down the order in the one day matches of this series.

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16. Ravi Shastri missed the remaining two Test matches, both of which India lost.

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17. Ravi Shastri finally fell to a tired shot at Warne after nine and a half hours, scoring 206 with 17 fours and the two sixes, thus becoming Warne's first Test wicket.

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18. Ravi Shastri was dropped in the sixties by the Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne, who was making his debut, off his own bowling.

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19. Ravi Shastri led the Young India side to Zimbabwe in early 1984.

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20. Ravi Shastri was part of the MCC team that played a Rest of the World team in the MCC bicentennial match at Lord's in 1987.

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21. Ravi Shastri stayed with them until 1991, with a break in 1990 due to India's tour of England.

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22. Ravi Shastri took four wickets at Calcutta and 69* at Hyderabad in two thrilling finishes.

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23. Ravi Shastri scored hundreds in the quarter final and semifinal of the Duleep trophy, but West Zone lost to South on first innings lead in the latter match.

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24. Ravi Shastri could hardly close his eyes before Bombay was 3 down for 42.

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25. Ravi Shastri replaced Another Former Indian Cricketer Anil Kumble as the head coach of Indian national cricket team.

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26. Ravi Shastri has done commentary on behalf of BCCI in the matches that India play.

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27. Ravi Shastri was forced to retire aged 31 due to a recurring knee injury.

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28. Ravi Shastri played four seasons of county cricket for Glamorgan.

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29. Ravi Shastri sounded a confident Indian head coach while answering to a plethora of questions on India's upcoming tour against Australia which he thinks will be a break-out one after England and South Africa.

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30. In a sobering warning, India coach Ravi Shastri says captain Virat Kohli is even better than the dominant batsman last sighted in Australia four years ago.

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31. Ravi Shastri opened in all four Tests and struggled to score runs.

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32. Ravi Shastri took 67 balls for his 25; India went on to lose by one run.

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33. Ravi Shastri took four wickets in the second innings and Australia just about beat the clock to draw the match.

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34. Ravi Shastri was little more than a part-time bowler by this time.

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35. Ravi Shastri was recalled for the tour to England that summer as the vice-captain.

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36. Ravi Shastri failed with the bat in the Reliance Cup but formed a successful bowling partnership with Maninder Singh, another left arm spinner.

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37. Ravi Shastri played a crucial role in the Tied Test at Madras against Australia, scoring 62 and 48*.

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38. Ravi Shastri set another record for Bombay against Baroda in a West Zone Ranji match.

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39. Ravi Shastri had stood in for Gavaskar and opened with Srikkanth in two matches of the 1983 World Cup.

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40. Around this time, Ravi Shastri began to open the innings regularly in one day games.

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41. Ravi Shastri was even more successful in the next Test at Faisalabad, where he scored 139 and shared a stand of 200 with Sandip Patil.

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42. Ravi Shastri was not selected to play in most of the important matches in the 1983 World Cup.

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43. With the Test players away, Ravi Shastri captained the young team in the knockout matches.

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44. Ravi Shastri won the leading six hitter award for the Sunday league matches of 1988 with 14 sixes.

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45. Ravi Shastri made 29 before he was bowled attempting to cut an arm–ball.

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46. Ravi Shastri arrived in Wellington the night before the first Test.

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47. Ravi Shastri captained one of the two teams in a trial game and was then asked to lead the Indian Under-19 team.

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48. Ravi Shastri was included in the coaching camp at the last minute by the National Coach Hemu Adhikari.

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49. Ravi Shastri is of Mangalorean descent, was born in Bombay and studied at Don Bosco High School, Matunga.

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50. Ravi Shastri admits the team was below par in the 2nd and 3rd ODIs.

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51. Sourav Ganguly finally opens on how Ravi Shastri became team India's coach overnight on demand of Virat Kohli.

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