10 Facts About Raymond Cusick


Raymond Patrick Cusick was a designer for the BBC.


Raymond Cusick is best known for designing the Daleks, a race of aliens who move around in tank-like travel machines, for the science fiction television series Doctor Who.


However, his father wanted him to follow a more regular career, so Raymond Cusick took a course in mathematics and science at Borough Polytechnic, intending to become a civil engineer.


Raymond Cusick joined the BBC in 1960 as a staff designer and was responsible for the set design of many Doctor Who stories, creating not just futuristic settings but historical sets and dioramas.


Raymond Cusick worked on other BBC television programmes including The Pallisers, The Duchess of Duke Street, On Giant's Shoulders, When the Boat Comes In, Rentaghost and Miss Marple.


Raymond Cusick was interviewed for the BBC video release Daleks: The Early Years and in July 2008 he appeared in an episode of the BBC Three documentary series Doctor Who Confidential.


In both instances, Raymond Cusick spoke of the original Dalek design and how the concept came to fruition.


The end titles of the 2016 animated reconstruction of The Power of the Daleks give official credit to Raymond Cusick for designing the Daleks.


Raymond Cusick was a widower with two daughters and seven grandchildren.


Raymond Cusick died of heart failure in his sleep after a short illness on 21 February 2013 at age 84.