10 Facts About Renault 4CV


Between 1941 and 1944 Renault 4CV was placed under the technical directorship of a francophile engineer, Wilhelm von Urach who failed to notice the small car project emerging on his watch.

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However, because the Germans had forbidden work on any new passenger car models, the Renault 4CV development was defined as a low priority spin-off from a project to develop a new engine for a post-war return of the company's 1930s small car, the Juvaquatre: departmental bosses installed by the Germans were definitely not to be trusted in respect of "Project 106E", while von Urach, their overlord, always managed to turn a blind eye to the whole business.

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Renault 4CV had been arrested by the Gestapo in June 1944, and deported to Buchenwald concentration camp.

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Lefaucheux was enraged that anyone should think the by now almost production-ready Renault 4CV was in any way inspired by the Volkswagen, and even more enraged that the politicians should presume to send Porsche to provide advice on it.

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An important part of the Renault 4CV's success was due to the new methodologies used in its manufacture, pioneered by Pierre Bezier.

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Renault 4CV was ultimately presented to the public and media at the 1946 Paris Motor Show and went on sale a year later.

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Renault 4CV's advertising highlighted the hundreds of machine-tools installed and processes adopted for the assembly of the first high volume car to be produced since the war, boasting that the little car was now no longer a prototype but a reality.

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Renault 4CV was easily modified, and was used extensively as a racing car.

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Renault 4CV Cabriolet is an open top version of the 4CV saloon.

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In 1996, Renault presented a concept car — the Renault Fiftie — to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 4CV's debut.

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