20 Facts About Richard Kiley


Richard Paul Kiley was an American stage, film and television actor and singer.


Richard Kiley is best known for his distinguished theatrical career in which he twice won the Tony Award for Best Actor In A Musical.


Richard Kiley was born on March 31,1922, in Chicago, Illinois, and raised Roman Catholic.


Richard Kiley later starred in the television play Patterns, which aired live on January 12,1955.


Richard Kiley played the role of John Malcolm Patterson, future Attorney General of Alabama, in the 1955 film The Phenix City Story.


Richard Kiley portrayed math teacher Joshua Edwards, whose phonograph records were smashed by delinquents in Blackboard Jungle in 1955.


Richard Kiley won Tony Awards for Best Actor in a Musical for Redhead in 1959 and Man of La Mancha in 1966.


Richard Kiley said while La Mancha was on Broadway that despite the fact he had grown tired of playing leading men, he would always be grateful for having been given the chance to perform in La Mancha.


Richard Kiley performed in the original production for over five years and returned for Broadway revivals in 1972 and 1977 saying he had become "very possessive" of the role.


Richard Kiley won three Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for his work in television.


Richard Kiley won both an Emmy and Golden Globe awards for The Thorn Birds and A Year in the Life.


Richard Kiley received an Emmy nomination for portraying Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 1991 miniseries Separate but Equal dramatizing Brown vs Board of Education.


Richard Kiley narrated the award-winning seven-part 1986 PBS documentary Planet Earth.


Richard Kiley's baritone made him a favorite to narrate documentaries for television.


Richard Kiley voiced two 1975 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater.


In Jurassic Park, Richard Kiley's voice narrates the park's vehicle tour.


Richard Kiley was introduced as the narrator for the tour first in the novel by Michael Crichton and later in the film adaptation by Steven Spielberg where the owner of the park said he "spared no expense" hiring Richard Kiley.


Richard Kiley's final acting role was in the 1999 TV movie Blue Moon, which debuted the month after his death.


Richard Kiley died of an unspecified bone marrow disease at Horton Hospital in Middletown, New York, on March 5,1999, less than a month before his 77th birthday.


Richard Kiley was survived by his wife, dancer Patricia Ferrier, and six children from his first marriage: sons David and Michael Kiley and daughters Kathleen, Dorothea, Erin and Deirdre.