21 Facts About Richard Mullock


Richard Mullock was a Welsh sporting administrator and official, who is most notable for organising the first Welsh rugby union international game and was instrumental in the creation of the Welsh Football Union, which became the Welsh Rugby Union in 1934.


Richard Mullock had a history of connections with sports clubs around Newport and in 1874 became the secretary of the Newport Athletic Club.


Richard Mullock became the architect of this movement and it was through him that the RFU arranged a fixture with a Welsh team on 8 January 1881.


Richard Mullock arranged a set of trials in December 1880 to choose the team that would face England, to be captained by Cambridge University player James Bevan.


The selection performance of the first Welsh team was contentious, with Richard Mullock choosing a geographically varied team of educated men, most of whom most were linked to the older colleges.


The four major Welsh clubs, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Llanelli were all in favour of the new direction Richard Mullock was taking rugby in Wales and gave their support to the formation of the WFU.


Swansea in particular were impressed with Richard Mullock and commended him for his organisation of the Welsh team, despite the heavy defeat.


At the meeting, with the support of Swansea, Richard Mullock was installed as the first secretary of the Welsh Football Union, who in turn proposed Swansea's Cyril Chambers as president.


Richard Mullock, although enthusiastic as a sporting organiser was a poor accountant, and a bad choice for treasurer.


In 1891 at Llanelli's AGM, the club secretary, Gavin Henry, stated that after the 1891 Home Nations match at Stradey Park, where Wales faced Ireland, Richard Mullock had taken the gate receipts without paying Llanelli's costs.


Henry wrote several letters to Richard Mullock but did not receive a response, resulting in Henry meeting the costs himself.


Henry called for Richard Mullock to be 'deposed' from his position within the WFU.


Phillips and Horace Lyne argued Richard Mullock's case, reminding the members how Richard Mullock financed the Union in its early years.


Richard Mullock retained his position as Secretary but stood down as Treasurer in favour of William Wilkins.


Many WFU members felt that Richard Mullock had grovelled towards the RFU during the affair and in September 1892, Richard Mullock was no longer Secretary.


Richard Mullock officiated for rugby union matches, and was umpire in several international matches, including the 1884 Home Nations Championship clash between Scotland and Wales.


In 1886 as part of the Home Nations Championship, Richard Mullock was selected to referee an international game between England and Ireland.


Richard Mullock was born in 1851 in Newport, South Wales to Henry Richard Mullock and Henrietta Oliver.


Richard Mullock was one of at least four siblings, including younger brother William and sisters Julia and Helen.


Richard Mullock married and had six children, though apart from a daughter, Dorothy, there is little information on his family.


In 1902, Richard Mullock was declared bankrupt and emigrated that year to Africa.