25 Facts About Richard Painter


Richard William Painter was born on October 3,1961 and is an American lawyer, professor, and political candidate.


From 2005 to 2007 Painter was the chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W Bush administration.


Richard Painter is the S Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Minnesota, and since 2016 has served as vice-chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a government watchdog group.


Richard Painter finished in a distant third in the primary, losing the nomination to businessman Jeffrey Ettinger, who ultimately lost the special election.


Richard Painter has been affiliated with the Campaign Legal Center, a group that is a frequent critic of the Trump administration.


Richard Painter was raised outside Philadelphia, in Kansas City, Kansas, and in Champaign, Illinois.


At Harvard, Richard Painter became politically active, speaking out against President Reagan's decision to send aid to the right-wing government in El Salvador and founding the Harvard Radcliffe Democratic Club newspaper Perspective.


Richard Painter has been a member of the American Law Institute since 2004.


In December 2016, Richard Painter replaced David Brock as vice-chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.


In March 2018 Richard Painter announced that he was forming an exploratory committee to run for US Senate in Minnesota, saying he was unsure whether he would seek office as a Republican, Democrat, or independent.


In February 2022, Richard Painter announced his candidacy for the US House of Representatives in Minnesota's 1st congressional district.


In May 2022, Richard Painter lost the DFL primary, placing third behind Sarah Brakebill-Hacke and Jeff Ettinger.


Richard Painter describes himself as a centrist, and has criticized the Republican Party's move to the right since 1980.


Richard Painter said he would not accept the support of political action committees, super PACs, or "dark money" organizations.


Richard Painter declared his opposition to the Trump tariffs, in particular those on steel and aluminum.


Richard Painter favors legalizing recreational marijuana and ending the federal ban on marijuana.


Richard Painter believes that the United States ought to support the health care system that is the most efficient and comprehensive, which he believes to be a single-payer system.


Richard Painter rejected the Trump administration's approach to carbon emissions and departure from the Paris Agreement.


Richard Painter believes that human-caused climate change is an existential threat to human life, and wants to make various political changes to try to prevent it, including:.


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is a political office, and Richard Painter believes Minnesotans have little reason to be confident in their ability to protect Minnesota from these consequences.


Richard Painter believes that Minnesotans have a right to know the kind of damage these mines will do to our rivers, lakes, and ecosystems before the monied interests in Washington push them through.


Richard Painter believes that investing in clean energy will increase jobs in all areas of processing, such as installation, manufacturing, sales and distribution, and project development.


Richard Painter has criticized the Trump tariffs, saying that, while using American resources is important to the economy, he believes that these tariffs will only increase the prices of goods while propping up a sector of unsustainable jobs.


Richard Painter's wife, Karen Richard Painter, is a professor of music history at the University of Minnesota.


In July 2015 Richard Painter was diagnosed with shingles and Ramsay Hunt syndrome type 2, which left the right side of his face partially paralyzed.