13 Facts About Richard Springer


Richard Springer was best known for his arrest after smashing a crystal statue in front of former President Ronald Reagan at a luncheon in 1992, and his subsequent imprisonment on various charges.


Early in life Richard Springer worked as a carpenter, a youth counselor, and a merchant mariner.


On stage, Richard Springer smashed a 30-pound crystal statue that had earlier been presented to Reagan and then attempted to commandeer the microphone into which Reagan was speaking.


Richard Springer was quickly swarmed by special agents of the United States Secret Service and dragged off-stage.


Richard Springer had accessed the luncheon using a press credential issued by Indian Voices, a Native American affairs newsletter.


Richard Springer was arraigned and released on his own recognizance pending trial.


Richard Springer was due to surrender himself to begin serving a four-month jail sentence over the incident on June 2,1993.

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Richard Springer sent a letter to the US District Court for the District of Nevada denouncing the United States as an "oppressor nation" and alleging mistreatment of the Shoshone.


Richard Springer was apprehended two months later and charged with Failure to Surrender.


In 1997 Richard Springer published a book, Excuse Me, Mr President: The Message of the Broken Eagle.


Andersen's children later reported that Richard Springer was abusive and an alcoholic.


In later years, Richard Springer lived on a ranch in Gerlach, Nevada.


Richard Springer died two weeks after his 2010 wedding of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.