46 Facts About Richie Benaud

1. Richie Benaud said: "I'll be doing Australian cricket next year—2010—but I don't do any television at all anywhere else now and when I finish next year, then I'll be doing other things.

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2. In 2007 Richie Benaud was inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame.

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3. Richie Benaud was selected Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1962.

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4. Richie Benaud simply walked across the aisle, changed seats, and continued to read.

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5. Richie Benaud bought all newspapers and pinned cuttings of Trueman's spell on them, in plain view of his teammates.

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6. Richie Benaud was not amused: "You've left me with four fast bowlers", he complained.

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7. Richie Benaud was playing his second Test, at Sydney Cricket Ground when John Waite cut one fiercely.

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8. Richie Benaud went to the extent of playing bareheaded even during the hottest of summers.

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9. In November 2015, Richie Benaud became an honouree at Bradman Foundation, having been a long-serving patron in his life.

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10. Richie Benaud was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 1985.

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11. Richie Benaud was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1961 for services to cricket.

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12. In October 2013 Richie Benaud crashed his vintage 1965 Sunbeam Alpine into a wall while driving near his home in Coogee, a beachside suburb in Sydney's east.

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13. Richie Benaud said of her, "She improved my love of vegetables by introducing the phrase, 'You can't go out and play cricket until you have eaten all your vegetables.

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14. Richie Benaud said: "I won't be doing live commentary any more.

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15. Richie Benaud stated he would spend the Northern Hemisphere summer in Britain writing, and would continue working for the Nine Network in Australia.

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16. Richie Benaud chose to end his British commentary career, which spanned more than 42 years, when the rights to broadcast live Test match cricket were lost by Channel 4 to the subscription broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting.

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17. Richie Benaud became a staunch advocate of cricket being available on free-to-view TV.

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18. Richie Benaud appeared in Richie Benaud's Greatest XI, a video in which he chooses his own team.

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19. In 2004, Richie Benaud starred in a series of television advertisements for the Australian Tourism Commission, aimed at promoting Australia as a tourist destination.

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20. Richie Benaud helped to design a computer-based parody of himself available for download off Channel 4's website called "Desktop Richie".

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21. Richie Benaud vacated the commentary booth when New Zealand was about to clinch a test victory at Lord's in 1999, allowing former New Zealand captain-turned-commentator Ian Smith to call the famous victory of his compatriots.

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22. Richie Benaud took up a journalism position with the News of the World, beginning as a police roundsman before becoming a sports columnist.

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23. Richie Benaud had the tendency to bowl around the wicket at a time when he was one of the first players to do so; it had an influence on spin bowlers like Shane Warne and Ashley Giles.

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24. Richie Benaud was known for his unbuttoned shirt, and raised eyebrows with his on-field exuberance.

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25. Richie Benaud was another contender with 219 wickets, but it was Statham who broke the record and Benaud had to be content with breaking Ray Lindwall's Australian record of 228 Test wickets.

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26. Richie Benaud made 140, in a seventh-wicket partnership of 255 in just 176 minutes, an Australian record that still stands.

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27. Richie Benaud was the leading wicket-taker of the season with 47 at 17.97.

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28. Richie Benaud led New South Wales throughout a dominant season, winning the Sheffield Shield with 64 of the 80 possible points.

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29. Richie Benaud was appointed an OBE in that year and in 1962 was named as one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year.

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30. Richie Benaud made 1 in the second before a last-wicket partnership between Davidson and Graham McKenzie of 98 yielded a defendable target.

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31. The First Test at Edgbaston was drawn with Richie Benaud taking three wickets.

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32. Richie Benaud hit a ball into the covers and the pair attempted a quick single when a direct hit from Joe Solomon saw Davidson run out.

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33. Richie Benaud took over when Australian cricket was in a low phase with a young team.

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34. Richie Benaud had little prior leadership experience, and faced the task of recovering the Ashes from an England team which had arrived in Australia as favourites.

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35. Richie Benaud was unable to maintain the standards he had set in the West Indies, contributing little apart from the Lord's Test.

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36. Richie Benaud secured his place after scoring 125 against Queensland at the start of the season, although his lead-up form in two matches against England for his state and an Australian XI was not encouraging.

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37. Richie Benaud contributed significantly with both bat and ball in New South Wales' Sheffield Shield triumph, the first of nine consecutive titles.

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38. Richie Benaud scored his maiden first-class century, 117 against South Australia, in the next match, two years after falling short of the milestone by seven runs.

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39. Richie Benaud was given a chance against the visiting team when New South Wales played them in Sydney after the First Test.

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40. Richie Benaud was cementing his position and was in the senior team for four consecutive matches even with the Test players available.

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41. Richie Benaud had more success with the bat, scoring 93 and narrowly missing a century against South Australia.

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42. Richie Benaud took the wicket of Queensland batsman Bill Brown in his third match of the season.

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43. Richie Benaud spent two weeks in hospital for the surgery.

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44. In November 1948, at the age of 18, Richie Benaud was selected for the New South Wales Colts, the state youth team.

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45. Richie Benaud was born in Penrith, New South Wales, in 1930.

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46. Richie Benaud was a Test cricket all-rounder, blending leg spin bowling with lower-order batting aggression.

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