20 Facts About Rick Barry

1. Rick Barry is the only one to lead the National Collegiate Athletic Association, ABA, and NBA in points per game in a season.

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2. Rick Barry is one of only four players to be a part of a championship team in both leagues.

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3. Rick Barry is widely known for his unorthodox underhand free throw technique.

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4. In October 2021, Rick Barry was honored as one of the league's greatest players of all-time by being named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

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5. Rick Barry grew up in Roselle Park, New Jersey, where baseball was his best sport as a youth.

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6. Rick Barry decided to attend the University of Miami, largely because the Hurricanes adhered to an up-tempo, pro-style system under head coach Bruce Hale that was conducive to his skills and athleticism.

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7. Rick Barry was drafted by the San Francisco Warriors with the second pick of the 1965 NBA draft.

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8. Rick Barry became the first marquee NBA player to jump to the rival league.

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9. Rick Barry attempted to come back in January 1969, only to aggravate the injury and sit out the remainder of the season.

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10. Rick Barry took part in only 35 games but still was named to the ABA All-Star team.

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11. In Game 7 on the road, Rick Barry went off for 52 points, the most scored in a seventh and deciding game in professional basketball history.

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12. Rick Barry averaged 23.1 points per game in his farewell season with the Warriors.

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13. Rick Barry finished second in his division at the 2005 World Long Drive Championship.

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14. Rick Barry is part owner and promoter for the Ektio basketball shoe, which doctor and former college basketball player Rick Barry Katz designed to reduce ankle injuries.

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15. Rick Barry continues to work in the field, a career that began with his own radio show in San Francisco and CBS while still an active player and then with TBS.

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16. Rick Barry tried to joke that "it looks like some fool over there with that big watermelon grin".

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17. The next season Rick Barry filled in on a few Seattle SuperSonics broadcasts, but a plan for a full-time position fell through when he insisted that his then-wife be allowed to join him when the team was on the road, which would have been contrary to team policy.

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18. The next year, Rick Barry was featured in a lengthy Sports Illustrated article written by Tony Kornheiser in which he lamented the failure of his broadcasting career to that point, as well as the fact that he'd left a reputation within NBA circles for being an unlikeable person.

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19. One of the more notable games Rick Barry called as play-by-play announcer on TBS was Game 5 of the 1985 Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers, where Larry Bird made a last-second steal which sealed the win and the Eastern Conference Championship for the Celtics.

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20. Rick Barry was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

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