31 Facts About Rick Buffington


Richard B Buffington was born on April 16,1945 and is an American former football player and coach.


Rick Buffington became a coach afterwards, beginning in 1968 with Bristol Community College.


From 1988 to 2000, Rick Buffington was a coach for several teams in the Arena Football League, including serving as head coach for the Albany Firebirds, Connecticut Coyotes, Charlotte Rage, and Florida Bobcats.


Rick Buffington coached the New Haven Ninjas and Albany Conquest in AF2, the New England Surge in the Continental Indoor Football League, and the Boston Blaze in the Can-Am Indoor Football League.


Rick Buffington was born on April 16,1945, in Fall River, Massachusetts.


Rick Buffington was drafted to serve in the United States Navy shortly afterwards.


Rick Buffington later returned to BYU, and after graduating from there, began a career in minor league football.

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Rick Buffington played for a total of at least 17 teams, with some sources listing as many as 19, including three at once.


Rick Buffington was inducted into the Minor Pro Football Hall of Fame as a player in 1987.


Rick Buffington began his coaching career in 1968, as head coach of the Bristol Community College football team in Fall River, Massachusetts.


Rick Buffington founded the North-Tri Attleboro Kings of the Eastern Football League in 1973 and served as their head coach, general manager, and owner through 1976.


Rick Buffington was hired as a part-time scout with the New York Jets in the National Football League in 1976 by Mike Holovak, and became Holovak's assistant when the latter was named interim head coach the following season.


Rick Buffington followed Holovak to the New England Patriots in 1978, being hired as a scout by Bucko Kilroy.


Rick Buffington did film work as a defensive assistant and was assistant linebackers coach as well as assistant defensive backs coach from 1979 to 1981, before being fired in December 1981.


Rick Buffington was hired by the New Jersey Generals of the new United States Football League at the end of 1982, to serve as special teams and linebackers coach as well as a scout during the 1983 season.


Rick Buffington was so optimistic about the league that he declined an offer to become a defensive coach of the New York Giants.


Rick Buffington was hired by Babe Parilli as defensive coordinator and head scout of the New England Steamrollers, of the newly formed Arena Football League, in 1988.


Rick Buffington followed Parilli to the Denver Dynamite in 1989, staying as defensive coordinator.


Rick Buffington received his first professional head coaching position in 1990 with the Albany Firebirds, an expansion franchise.


Rick Buffington was re-signed through the 1992 season in August 1991.


Rick Buffington was re-signed for the 1993 season in October 1992.


Rick Buffington was fired following the year, and was replaced by Mike Hohensee.


Rick Buffington was hired by the Las Vegas Sting as defensive coordinator in 1994, reuniting him with Babe Parilli.


In one season with the team, Rick Buffington helped Las Vegas record the lowest allowed yards per game average, lowest passing yards per game average, and third lowest points allowed.


Rick Buffington was among the candidates for the Tampa Bay Storm coaching job for the 1995 season.

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In 1996, Rick Buffington was named head coach of the Charlotte Rage.


Rick Buffington faced off against his former team, the Connecticut Coyotes, twice, and won each time.


Rick Buffington did not return to the team for a second season.


Rick Buffington was reunited with Babe Parilli in 1997, being hired as an assistant with the Florida Bobcats.


Rick Buffington returned to the Bobcats in 2000 as general manager, and served as the interim head coach for one game, which they lost.


Rick Buffington returned to coaching for a final time in 2017 with the Boston Blaze of the Can-Am Indoor Football League, after which he retired.