12 Facts About Rick Fuller


Richard Fuller was born on February 18,1967 and is an American retired professional wrestler.


Rick Fuller is best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling from 1997 to 2000.


In early 1997, Rick Fuller made his debut in World Championship Wrestling losing to Lex Luger at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 13,1997.


One of the first victims of Bill Goldberg's winning streak during early 1998, Rick Fuller was pinned by Goldberg on WCW Thunder on February 2.


Rick Fuller later teamed with Knuckles Nelson at the NWA Parade of Champions, substituting for the injured Erich Sbraccia, winning the then vacant NWA World Tag Team Championship against Team Extreme winning by reverse decision at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, Texas, on June 10,1999.


In December 2001, Rick Fuller assaulted then-referee Barry Ace during a match for NWA New England after he had unintentionally caused Rick Fuller to mistime a wrestling move.


On May 18,2007 Rick Fuller faced Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Brian Milonas in the main event of the Homecoming benefit show in Byfield, Massachusetts, a fundraising event held by Chaotic Wrestling and Fabulous Productions to raise money for charities in the New England area including the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Newbury Police Association and the Trista Zinck Scholarship Fund.

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On December 28,2007 Rick Fuller defeated Brian Fury to win the NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship in Quincy, Massachusetts.


In 2008 Rick Fuller competed for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he formed a tag team with Giant Bernard.


Rick Fuller is a singles competitor in the New Jersey-based ISPW and the New England-based Big Time Wrestling.


Rick Fuller was frequently known by the nicknames of "The Lumberjack" and "Big".


Rick Fuller's finishing moves included a reverse piledriver known as the Fuller Effect and a spinning heel kick.