11 Facts About Ring Lardner


Ringgold Wilmer Lardner was an American sports columnist and short story writer best known for his satirical writings on sports, marriage, and the theatre.


Ring Lardner was born in Niles, Michigan, the son of wealthy parents, Henry and Lena Phillips Lardner.


Ring Lardner had a passion for baseball, stage, and music.


Ring Lardner started his writing career as a sports columnist, finding work with the newspaper South Bend Times in 1905.


Two years later, Ring Lardner was in St Louis, writing the humorous baseball column Pullman Pastimes for Taylor Spink and the Sporting News.


In 1913, Ring Lardner returned to the Chicago Tribune, which became the home newspaper for his syndicated column In the Wake of the News.


In 1916, Ring Lardner published his first successful book, You Know Me Al, an epistolary novel written in the form of letters by "Jack Keefe", a bush-league baseball player, to a friend back home.


Ring Lardner was exceptionally close to the White Sox and felt he was betrayed by the team.


Ring Lardner was a dedicated composer and lyricist: both his first and last published stage works included several Lardner tunes.


Ring Lardner wrote at least one recorded song for Bert Williams, co-wrote one for Nora Bayes, and provided the lyrics for the song "That Old Quartet" by Nathaniel D Mann.


Ring Lardner died on September 25,1933, at the age of 48 in East Hampton, New York, of a heart attack due to complications from tuberculosis.