12 Facts About RISC OS


RISC OS takes its name from the reduced instruction set computer architecture it supports.

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Between 1987 and 1998, RISC OS was included in every ARM-based Acorn computer model, including the Acorn Archimedes line, Acorn's R line, RiscPC, A7000, and prototype models such as the Acorn NewsPad and Phoebe computer.

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In 2000, as part of the acquisition of Acorn Group plc by MSDW Investment, RISC OS was sold to Pace Micro Technology, who later sold it to Castle Technology Ltd.

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RISC OS Adjust was a culmination of all the Select Scheme updates to date, released as a physical set of replaceable ROMs for the RiscPC and A7000 series of machines.

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RISC OS 5 is a separate evolution of RISC OS based upon the NCOS work done by Pace.

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Special cut down RISC OS Pico styled to start up like a BBC Micro was released for BASIC's 50th anniversary.

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RISC OS has been used by both Acorn and Pace Micro Technology in various TV connected set-top boxes, sometimes referred to instead as NCOS.

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RISC OS can run on a range of computer system emulators that emulate the earlier Acorn machines listed above.

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RISC OS kernel is single-tasking and controls handling of interrupts, DMA services, memory allocation and the video display; the cooperative multi-tasking is provided by the WindowManager module.

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RISC OS was the first operating system to provide scalable anti-aliased fonts.

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Anti-aliased fonts were already familiar from Arthur, and their presence in RISC OS was confirmed in an early 1989 preview, featuring in the final RISC OS 2 product, launched in April 1989.

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New version of the font manager employing "new-style outline fonts" was made available after the release of RISC OS, offering full support for the printing of scalable fonts, and was provided with Acorn Desktop Publisher.

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