8 Facts About Robert Falcon Scott

1. Robert Falcon Scott was born on 6 June 1868, the third of six children and elder son of John Edward, a brewer and magistrate, and Hannah Robert Falcon Scott of Stoke Damerel, near Devonport.

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2. In July 1883, Robert Falcon Scott passed out of Britannia as a midshipman, seventh overall in a class of 26.

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3. In March 1888 Robert Falcon Scott passed his examinations for sub-lieutenant, with four first class certificates out of five.

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4. The expedition had caught the public imagination, and Robert Falcon Scott became a popular hero.

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5. Finally, to end the impasse, Shackleton agreed, in a letter to Robert Falcon Scott dated 17 May 1907, to work to the east of the 170°W meridian and therefore to avoid all the familiar Discovery ground.

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6. Dog expert Cecil Meares was going to Siberia to select the dogs, and Robert Falcon Scott ordered that, while he was there, he should deal with the purchase of Manchurian ponies.

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7. Arriving in Melbourne, Australia in October 1910, Robert Falcon Scott received a telegram from Amundsen stating: "Beg leave to inform you Fram proceeding Antarctic Amundsen," possibly indicating that Robert Falcon Scott faced a race to the pole.

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8. In place of the knighthood that might have been her husband's had he survived, Kathleen Robert Falcon Scott was granted the rank and precedence of a widow of a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.

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