10 Facts About Robin Moore


Robin Moore graduated from Harvard College in 1949, and one of his first jobs was working in television production and then at the Sheraton Hotel Company co-founded by his father, Robert Lowell Robin Moore.


Robin Moore wrote the nonfiction books Rhodesia and Major Mike.


Robin Moore encouraged the volunteers to call themselves 'Crippled Eagles' due to the mistaken perception that they were being harassed, or could be harassed, by their government.


Robin Moore sold t-shirts, sew-on patches and other merchandise using the 'Crippled Eagle' motif.


Robin Moore travelled to Uzbekistan in December 2001 to research the CIA-Northern Alliance war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda, publishing the account in the bestseller The Hunt for Bin Laden.


In 2003, continuing his interest in writing about the war on terror, Robin Moore traveled to Iraq to research Operation Iraqi Freedom and the downfall of the Saddam Hussein regime for his book, Hunting Down Saddam.


Robin Moore died in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, on February 21,2008, after a long illness.


Robin Moore was cremated and his remains were interred in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery with full military honors rendered again by a complement of Special Forces soldiers from the 5th Group of Fort Campbell and this time the Concord Independent Battery delivered gun salutes.


All Special Forces Soldiers, past and present, mourn the passing of Robin Moore; he was a valued and trusted member of the Special Operations family.


Robin Moore was a devoted advocate and a true Ambassador for the "Green Beret" and all they stand for.