28 Facts About Robin Scorpio


Robin Scorpio is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital and its primetime SOAPnet spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift, originated and portrayed by Kimberly McCullough on and off for over 30 years since 1985.

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Robin Scorpio is famous in the soap community for having been one of the few long-term soap characters to age in real time, not SORASed like most other child actors.

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McCullough's scene on March 27,2012 showed Robin Scorpio to be alive, leaving the door open for her to return.

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Robin Scorpio Soltini arrives in Port Charles in 1985 with the woman she believes to be her grandmother, Filomena Soltini.

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Mac later marries Felicia Cummings, and Robin Scorpio is raised with her daughters, Maxie and Georgie Jones.

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In 1993, Robin Scorpio meets Michael "Stone" Cates, and although they initially do not get along, they began dating in 1994 against her Uncle Mac's wishes.

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Jason helps Robin Scorpio cope with Stone's death and her medical status, while Robin Scorpio helps Jason cope with his memory loss following the accident.

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Robin Scorpio eventually enrolls in school at Yale, returning on weekends and holidays to visit.

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Robin Scorpio sees him again when she joins Lulu Spencer and Dillon Quartermaine to the Markham Islands to rescue Robert and Luke Spencer .

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In early 2007, Robin Scorpio is part of a group held hostage at the Metro Court Hotel and is shot in the abdomen because the district attorney was Sonny's half-brother Ric Lansing .

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In late 2007, after the funeral of her cousin Georgie Jones, Robin Scorpio goes to Patrick for comfort and they sleep together.

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Robin Scorpio discovers she is pregnant, but does not tell Patrick since she had been planning on using a sperm donor.

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Robin Scorpio accuses Lisa of starting the fire, and Lisa petitions to have Robin Scorpio fired.

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In early 2011, Robin Scorpio serves as the maid of honor at Sonny's wedding to Brenda Barrett.

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When Jake Spencer is hit by a car and dies, Robin Scorpio realizes life is short and reconciles with Patrick.

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Robin Scorpio'scaptor is seen to be Ewen Keenan, later revealed to be working for Jerry Jacks because she was rid of by Joe Scully, Jr.

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Robin Scorpio is revealed to be held on Cassadine Island by Jerry, forced to find a cure for Jerry's illness in late 2013.

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Robin Scorpio is eventually found by Nikolas, who came to Cassadine Island to find Dr Obrecht.

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Robin Scorpio is held captive on Wyndemere by Faison and Obrecht with Nikolas and Britt Westbourne, Obrecht's daughter with Faison right where Stephen Clay was.

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Robin Scorpio finds out that Patrick is engaged to Sabrina Santiago after Carlos Rivera, Ava Jerome, and Julian Jerome told Patrick and Sonny that they saw Robin Scorpio alive.

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Meanwhile, Robin Scorpio asks Sabrina to break up with Patrick, but Sabrina refuses, saying Patrick should make his own decision.

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Robin Scorpio applies to be the chief of staff, but before that, she told Sonny that she's very sorry for his loss, after she told him that, then she goes on to get that chief of staff position, but is overlooked, after Obrecht secures the position following her own deal with the WSB.

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Patrick and Robin Scorpio find out Sabrina's pregnant, but she claims that Patrick is not the baby's father.

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Robin Scorpio then gets a visit from Victor Cassadine, who reveals he's the WSB director who arranged Obrecht's release.

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Robin Scorpio says that it is Stavros Cassadine, and that Jason is not there.

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Robin Scorpio last appears talking to Jason in the cryogenic chamber.

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Robin Scorpio asks Victor to let her and Jason leave after her formula works and Jason moves his hand, but Victor has other plans for Jason and gets his goons to throw Robin Scorpio out, betraying her by telling her he doesn't need her anymore as her work is done and he's planning to keep Jason.

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Robin Scorpio's Diary became a best seller and some of the book's royalties were donated to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

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