22 Facts About Robinson Jeffers


John Robinson Jeffers was an American poet, known for his work about the central California coast.


Influential and highly regarded in some circles, despite or because of his philosophy of "inhumanism", Robinson Jeffers believed that transcending conflict required human concerns to be de-emphasized in favor of the boundless whole.


Robinson Jeffers's brother was Hamilton Jeffers, a well-known astronomer who worked at Lick Observatory.


Robinson Jeffers traveled through Europe during his youth and attended school in Germany, France, and Switzerland.


Robinson Jeffers earned his bachelor's degree from Occidental College at age 18.


Robinson Jeffers met Una Call Kuster in 1906; she was three years older than he, a graduate student, and the wife of a Los Angeles attorney, Edward G Kuster.


Robinson Jeffers dropped out of USC medical school and enrolled as a forestry student at the University of Washington in Seattle, a course of study that he abandoned after a semester, at which time he returned to Los Angeles.

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Robinson Jeffers died January 20,1962; an obituary can be found in the New York Times from January 22,1962.


Robinson Jeffers spent most of his life in Carmel, California, in a granite house that he built with his own hands which they named "Tor House".


Robinson Jeffers worked with Murphy, and in this short, informal apprenticeship, he learned the art of stonemasonry.


Robinson Jeffers continued adding on to Tor House throughout his life, writing in the mornings and working on the house in the afternoons.


Robinson Jeffers later built a large four-story stone tower on the site called "Hawk Tower".


The romantic Gothic tower was named after a hawk that appeared while Robinson Jeffers was working on the structure, and which disappeared the day it was completed.


In Una's special room on the second floor were kept many of her favorite items, photographs of Robinson Jeffers taken by the artist Weston, plants and dried flowers from Shelley's grave, and a rosewood melodeon which she loved to play.


Robinson Jeffers was asked to read at the Library of Congress, and was posthumously put on a US postage stamp.


Robinson Jeffers's long-time friend, the photographer Ansel Adams, was a close ally in this, as was Edward Weston.


Robinson Jeffers has told us that materialism has its message, its relevance, and its solace.


Robinson Jeffers's poems have been translated into many languages and published all over the world.


Robinson Jeffers exchanged some letters with his Czech translator and popularizer, the poet Kamil Bednar.


Robinson Jeffers was an inspiration and friend to western US photographers of the early 20th century, including Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Morley Baer.


Robinson Jeffers is mentioned in the 2004 film I Heart Huckabees by the character Albert Markovski played by Jason Schwartzman, when defending Jeffers as a nature writer against another character's claim that environmentalism is socialism.


The group's 2009 genesis text, Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto, was influenced by Robinson Jeffers' writing and "inhumanism" philosophy.