29 Facts About Rocky Balboa

1. Rocky Balboa was named the 7th greatest movie hero by the American Film Institute on their 100 Years.

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2. Rocky Balboa is acknowledged as having the most devastating body attack in the sport, with his body blows causing internal bleeding in Creed and breaking Drago's ribs.

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3. Rocky Balboa travels to Los Angeles to visit a hospitalized Donnie, who lashes out at him for abandoning him.

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4. Rocky Balboa decides to watch Donnie and Viktor's match, where he watches Viktor pummels Donnie repeatedly.

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5. Rocky Balboa refuses to support Donnie, noting that Viktor was raised in hate and has nothing to lose, and that makes him dangerous.

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6. Rocky Balboa struggles with contacting Robert, whom he has become estranged with.

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7. At first, Rocky Balboa is hesitant to the option of chemotherapy, as he remembers the pain Adrian experienced as she underwent treatment for ovarian cancer.

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8. Instead of training at Mighty Mick's Gym, Rocky Balboa takes Adonis to train at the Front Street Gym, where he surprises Donnie with a corner team and apparel.

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9. Rocky Balboa is then caught by a series of punches by Tommy, just as Adrian joins the crowd, but manages to parry Tommy and begins to walk him down with his devastating shots.

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10. Just as Robert joins the crowd, Rocky Balboa breaks free from Tommy's grip, performs a reversal that sends Tommy spiraling into a pile of trash cans.

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11. Rocky Balboa tells Tommy that, even though he admires him, he actually ruined their relationship.

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12. Rocky Balboa explains to him that his ring is at the alley right outside.

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13. Rocky Balboa is still anxious as he watches the match with Tommy facing off against Union Cane on television with Paulie.

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14. One day, Rocky Balboa meets a young ruffian boxer from Oklahoma named Tommy Gunn and begins training him.

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15. Rocky Balboa travels to the cold mountains of Russia and undergoes rigorous training.

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16. Rocky Balboa has the 'fire' Apollo no longer has and the former champion convinces Rocky that he needs to get his fire back.

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17. Rocky Balboa begins having some issues with his trainer, Mickey Goldmill, due to his revelation of having faced "hand-picked" challengers that were "good fighters, but not 'killers'" which Lang seemingly is.

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18. Rocky Balboa struggles to find employment with decent pay, when he is fired from a commercial studio, turned down for an office job and even laid off at the Shamrock Meat Packing facility.

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19. At first, Rocky Balboa seems to be unaffected by Apollo's smear campaign, but his inexperience with money causes him to run into financial troubles.

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20. Rocky Balboa marries Adrian, who convinces him to live outside boxing.

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21. Rocky Balboa clearly doesn't mind about the outcome, as he only wanted to go the distance with Apollo.

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22. Rocky Balboa helps Adrian to become more self-confident and stand up for herself.

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23. Rocky Balboa gets his dream come true when the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Apollo Creed, decides that he wants to give an unknown fighter a chance to fight for the title after his intended challenger, Mac Lee Green, broke his hand while training.

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24. Rocky Balboa walks home, frustrated how nothing is going right in his life.

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25. Rocky Balboa is fighting Spider Rico in a local boxing ring called the Cambria Fight Club inside a chapel.

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26. Rocky Balboa was proud that he never had his nose broken in a professional fight.

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27. Rocky Balboa trained very hard so he could grow up to be like his idol Rocky Marciano.

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28. Rocky Balboa was the only child in a Roman Catholic Italian-American family.

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29. Rocky Balboa received critical acclaim for his performance in the first movie, earning Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations.

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