25 Facts About Rodney Rogers


Rodney Ray Rogers was born on June 20,1971 and is an American former professional basketball player who played for several teams in the National Basketball Association.

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Rodney Rogers spent most of his childhood growing up in the McDougald Terrace housing project in Durham.

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Rodney Rogers's father, who left the family and moved to Texas when Rogers was a toddler, died when Rogers was eight.

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Estella Rodney Rogers sustained severe head injuries and required two operations when she was nearly killed in an automobile wreck in 1988.

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Rodney Rogers was in a coma for more than two weeks and remained hospitalized for three more months.

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Renita, the oldest of the Rogers children, became a nurse at N C Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill.

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Rodney Rogers was named McDonald's All-American and scored 17 points in the game.

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Rodney Rogers had one significant game in his rookie year, against the Utah Jazz on February 8,1994.

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Rodney Rogers became a starter his second season, in large part due to frequent injuries suffered by LaPhonso Ellis.

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On June 28,1995, Rodney Rogers was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, with draft rights to guard Brent Barry, for the draft rights to forward Antonio McDyess and guard Randy Woods.

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Rodney Rogers remained with the Suns until February 2002, when he was traded to the Boston Celtics for Joe Johnson.

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Rodney Rogers signed with the New Jersey Nets as a free agent on August 14,2002.

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Rodney Rogers saw more playing time the next year, mainly due to some frontcourt injuries.

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Rodney Rogers signed with the New Orleans Hornets on August 3,2004.

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Rodney Rogers was injured for much of the early part of that season, but eventually became a team starter.

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On February 24,2005, Rodney Rogers was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, along with injured forward Jamal Mashburn, for -injured forward Glenn Robinson.

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Rodney Rogers was primarily used as a backup forward for the 76ers.

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Tisa returned to Durham to take over her father's family real estate business, in which Rodney Rogers was an investor.

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Rodney Rogers returned to Durham in 2006 and went to work for the City of Durham as a heavy equipment operator.

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Rodney Rogers is the cousin of former New England Patriots linebacker Tully Banta-Cain.

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Rodney Rogers was a volunteer girls' basketball coach at Rodney Rogers-Herr Middle School, and he co-founded the Durham Eagles youth football team.

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Rodney Rogers enjoyed hunting, riding motorcycles and ATVs, horseback riding and fishing.

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Rodney Rogers is a NASCAR fan and loves big trucks and construction equipment.

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On November 28,2008, Rodney Rogers was involved in a dirt bike crash in rural Vance County north of Raleigh.

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Rodney Rogers hit a ditch while riding through a trail and flipped over his vehicle's handlebars.

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