22 Facts About Roger Goodell


Roger Stokoe Goodell was born on February 19,1959 and is an American businessman who is currently the commissioner of the National Football League.


Roger Goodell graduated from Bronxville High School where, as a three-sport star in football, basketball, and baseball, he captained all three teams as a senior and was named the school's athlete of the year.


Roger Goodell began his NFL career in 1982 as an administrative intern in the league office in New York under then-Commissioner Pete Rozelle.


In 1987, Roger Goodell was appointed assistant to the president of the American Football Conference, Lamar Hunt, and under the tutelage of Commissioner Paul Tagliabue filled a variety of football and business operations roles, culminating with his appointment as the NFL's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in December 2001.


Roger Goodell headed NFL Ventures, which oversees the league's business units, including media properties, marketing and sales, stadium development, and strategic planning.


Roger Goodell was heavily involved in the negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement with the NFLPA and NFL owners during the summer of 2011.


Roger Goodell played an extensive role in league expansion, realignment, and stadium development, including the launch of the NFL Network and securing new television agreements.


When Tagliabue retired, Roger Goodell was one of the candidates in contention for the position.


In 2014, Roger Goodell was awarded the third highest honor within the Department of the Army Civilian Awards scheme, the Outstanding Civilian Service Award, for substantial contributions to the US Army community while serving as the NFL commissioner.


Roger Goodell came down hard on the Patriots because he felt Belichick's authority over football operations was such that his decisions were "properly attributed" to the Patriots as well.


Roger Goodell said he considered suspending Belichick, but decided against it because he felt fining them and stripping them of a draft pick were "more effective" than a suspension.


Outside of player conduct, Roger Goodell is known for his work in the 2011 NFL lockout.


In March 2012, Roger Goodell revealed evidence that players and coaches on the New Orleans Saints had instituted a bounty program in which Saints defensive players were paid bonuses for deliberately knocking opposing players out of games.


Later that month, Roger Goodell handed down some of the harshest penalties in NFL history.


Roger Goodell suspended Williams, who had left to become defensive coordinator of the St Louis Rams, indefinitely.


Roger Goodell suspended head coach Sean Payton for the entire 2012 season, general manager Mickey Loomis for eight games and assistant head coach Joe Vitt for six games.


Roger Goodell was particularly upset that those involved in the program lied about it during two separate league investigations of the program.


Sanctions for players were not handed down at the time, and Roger Goodell stated he would refrain from penalizing players until the NFLPA completed its investigation of the affair.


In October 1997, Roger Goodell married former Fox News Channel anchor Jane Skinner and together they have twin daughters, born in 2001.


Roger Goodell has four brothers: among them are Tim, who is a Senior Vice President for the Hess Corporation, and Michael, married to Jack Kenny, creator of the short-lived NBC series The Book of Daniel.


Roger Goodell's cousin Andy Roger Goodell is a member of the New York State Assembly.


Roger Goodell starred as himself in the NFL 100 commercial before Super Bowl LIII.