101 Facts About Ronnie O'Sullivan

1. Ronnie O'Sullivan is "rubbish at understanding at what he's achieved in the game", according to Francis.

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2. Ronnie O'Sullivan is "rubbish at understanding at what he's achieved in the game", according to Francis.

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3. Ronnie O'Sullivan is "rubbish at understanding at what he's achieved in the game", according to Francis.

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4. Ronnie O'Sullivan is "rubbish at understanding at what he's achieved in the game", according to Francis.

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5. Ronnie O'Sullivan holds the record for the total amount of Century breaks.

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6. Ronnie O'Sullivan was responding after Tsitsipas sent a compliment his way, declaring his passion for the baize.

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7. Ronnie O'Sullivan has refused to complete maximum breaks due to opinions on the maximum break prizes.

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8. Ronnie O'Sullivan has completed 15 maximum breaks from his first in the 1997 World Snooker Championship against Mick Price; to his 2018 English Open maximum against Allan Taylor.

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9. Ronnie O'Sullivan is a close friend of British artist Damien Hirst.

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10. Ronnie O'Sullivan suffered from clinical depression, and has had drugs and drink related problems in his early career.

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11. Ronnie O'Sullivan became a grandfather in October 2018 after Taylor-Ann gave birth to her first child.

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12. Ronnie O'Sullivan worked on World Snooker Championship 2007 in 2007, and Virtual Snooker in 1996.

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13. Ronnie O'Sullivan has written three crime novels, titled Framed, which was published in 2016, Double Kiss and The Break.

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14. Ronnie O'Sullivan has often been compared to Alex Higgins and Jimmy White, because of both his natural talent and popularity.

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15. Ronnie O'Sullivan played three frames of snooker against former world championship runner-up Rex Williams, winning all three.

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16. Ronnie O'Sullivan is right-handed but can play to a very high standard with his left hand and routinely alternates where needed.

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17. Ronnie O'Sullivan has stated his disdain for long, drawn-out games, saying that it harms the game of snooker.

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18. Ronnie O'Sullivan is a prolific breakbuilder and solid tactical player.

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19. Ronnie O'Sullivan holds the records for the most officially recognised maximum breaks in professional competition, with 15, and for the fastest competitive maximum break, compiled in a time of just over five minutes at the 1997 World Championship.

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20. Ronnie O'Sullivan made his perfect clearance in just five minutes and 20 seconds, against Mick Price.

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21. Ronnie O'Sullivan will head into his first round match against Luke Simmonds at the UK Championships.

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22. Ronnie O'Sullivan was speaking ahead of the release of his third novel, The Break, one of a series of books he has set in gangland Soho in London.

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23. World Snooker claimed Ronnie O'Sullivan's comments bore no resemblance to feedback from other players about the venue.

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24. Ronnie O'Sullivan is going for his second tournament win on the bounce after winning the.

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25. In 2017 Ronnie O'Sullivan won his seventh Masters title and thereby overtook Stephen Hendry's record of six.

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26. In the deciding frame, Ronnie O'Sullivan made a break of 60, before letting Higgins back in the frame.

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27. Ronnie O'Sullivan appeared in four successive finals from 2004 to 2007, winning in 2005 and 2007.

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28. Ronnie O'Sullivan holds the record for the most Masters titles, having won the tournament seven times.

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29. Ronnie O'Sullivan had made 900 career centuries by the semi-final of the 2017 Champion of Champions.

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30. Ronnie O'Sullivan is a close friend of Dr Steve Peters, [707] who has been influential on his career.

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31. Ronnie O'Sullivan came through several highly reputable opponents, defeating Gary Wilson, Joe Perry, Barry Hawkins and his old rivals Mark Williams and John Higgins, dropping only six frames on route to the final.

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32. Ronnie O'Sullivan was one of eight "elite" players invited to play in the inaugural Hong Kong Masters.

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33. At the Crucible Ronnie O'Sullivan defeated Marcus Campbell in the last 32, [511] Ali Carter in the last 16, [511] Stuart Bingham in the quarter-finals.

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34. Ronnie O'Sullivan plays pool, [7] [7] and competed on the elite International Pool Tour in 2005.

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35. Ronnie O'Sullivan is an English professional snooker player.

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36. In the fourth frame, Ronnie O'Sullivan lifted his injured ankle up on the table behind him to sink an awkward brown.

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37. In the evening, Ronnie O'Sullivan dropped his father off in the prison parking lot and watched him troop inside with the other inmates; he seemed happy to be back.

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38. Ronnie O'Sullivan said, "From that moment onward, everything was shit, to be fair.

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39. Ronnie O'Sullivan spends a lot of time thinking about the white ball.

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40. Ronnie O'Sullivan was looking in the fridge for milk, to add to a cup of tea.

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41. Ronnie O'Sullivan trains in a first-floor office in an industrial park in Romford, a few miles from his house.

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42. In 2000, Ronnie O'Sullivan went to rehab, to seek treatment for an addiction to marijuana.

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43. Ronnie O'Sullivan arranged to be certified as good enough to play professional snooker with either hand.

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44. Ronnie O'Sullivan was distracted; he picked his teeth and watched the game under way at a nearby table.

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45. Ronnie O'Sullivan had been debating whether to pull out of the tournament.

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46. At the hospital, Ronnie O'Sullivan was told that he had a simple fracture.

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47. Ronnie O'Sullivan has won numerous world championships and competitions including the 2010 Party Casino Premier League where he became the first man to win a single professional title on nine separate occasions.

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48. Ronnie O'Sullivan is one of only five players to win both the World Championship and the UK Championship in the same year.

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49. Ronnie O'Sullivan now has a girlfriend, Jo, whom he met at Narcotics Anonymous.

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50. Ronnie O'Sullivan admired Doherty and modelled his cueing style on his for a time.

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51. Ronnie O'Sullivan claimed on Monday World Snooker had cut corners because they did not have the budget for the event.

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52. Ronnie O'Sullivan will next be in action at the UK Championhip—which starts next week.

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53. Ronnie O'Sullivan fires Twitter barb at Grand Slam of Darts stars after row on the Oche.

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54. Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Kyren Wilson in a thrilling final at the Ricoh Arena to pocket the £100,000 top prize.

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55. Ronnie O'Sullivan faces Judd Trump in the Northern Ireland Open final after knocking out world number one Mark Selby in a thrilling semi-final yesterday.

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56. Ronnie O'Sullivan slumped to a defeat against Judd Trump in the Northern Ireland Open final last night.

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57. Ronnie O'Sullivan is always a big draw for his enigmatic way of playing snooker, plus the exuberance he brings to the table.

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58. Ronnie O'Sullivan won the title for the sixth time last year, matching the all-time record set by Steve Davis.

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59. Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Shaun Murphy in last year's final to equal Steve Davis's record of six UK crowns, and has now been drawn against Simmonds, an amateur from the Isle of Wight.

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60. Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Shaun Murphy in last year's final to equal Steve Davis's record of six UK crowns, and has now been drawn against Simmonds.

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61. Ronnie O'Sullivan is looking forward to a "chess-like" contest when he faces Mark Selby for a place in the Northern Ireland Open final.

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62. Ronnie O'Sullivan wants to help other people avoid being part of it, too, which is why he and Lambert will release a health and fitness book, Top of Your Game: Eating for the Mind and Body, in December 2018.

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63. Ronnie O'Sullivan will face Judd Trump in the Northern Ireland Open final after knocking out world number one Mark Selby in a thrilling semi-final.

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64. Ronnie O'Sullivan has jumped 27 places up the one-year ranking list thanks to his run to the final of the BetVictor Northern Ireland Open.

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65. Ronnie O'Sullivan took a scrappy sixth, before Trump responded with a break of 108 in frame seven, his ninth century of the tournament.

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66. Ronnie O'Sullivan had won last week's Champion of Champions in Coventry and another invitation event, the Shanghai Masters, this season, but was unable to get the better of his world-ranked five opponent.

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67. Ronnie O'Sullivan blasted the World Snooker format through his official Twitter account.

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68. Ronnie O'Sullivan will head into his first round match against Luke Simmonds at the UK Championships in York next week just 22 short of the momentous milestone.

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69. Ronnie O'Sullivan has made fifteen maximum breaks in recorded, competitive play.

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70. Ronnie O'Sullivan is a close friend of Steve Peters, who has been influential on his career.

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71. Ronnie O'Sullivan joined the Labour Party, and became the first celebrity to endorse Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 general election.

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72. Ronnie O'Sullivan enjoys cooking, and has said that if he were to go back to school he would study cooking.

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73. Ronnie O'Sullivan is a keen football fan and a supporter of Arsenal.

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74. Ronnie O'Sullivan wrote a crime novel, titled Framed, which was published in 2016.

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75. Ronnie O'Sullivan has previously broadcast a number of hour-long specials for the station.

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76. Ronnie O'Sullivan started broadcasting regularly on Brentwood radio station Phoenix FM in May 2015, co-hosting the Midweek Matchzone show with Chris Hood.

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77. Ronnie O'Sullivan has targeted reaching 1,000 century breaks before he retires.

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78. Ronnie O'Sullivan has compiled the highest number of competitive century breaks in the sport's history, surpassing Hendry's previous record of 775.

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79. Ronnie O'Sullivan made his 14th career total maximum break at the China Open before ending the season on a disappointing note, losing in the World Championship to rival Ali Carter, in an ill-tempered match that saw the players shoulder-barge each other when passing at the table.

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80. Ronnie O'Sullivan reached his fourth final in five years at the invitational Champion of Champions, compiling his 900th career total century break along the way.

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81. Ronnie O'Sullivan reached the final of the invitational Hong Kong Masters after defeating John Higgins and Judd Trump in final frame deciders, before falling to Neil Robertson.

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82. Ronnie O'Sullivan credited his achievements this season to a focus on match snooker.

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83. In the second session, Ronnie O'Sullivan maintained his advantage to lead 10−6 going into the final session.

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84. In a high scoring second session, Ronnie O'Sullivan went on to defeat Wilson 10−7 and celebrated by repeatedly punching the air.

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85. On the eve of the World Championships, Ronnie O'Sullivan attended the 40th anniversary celebration of the Crucible Theatre holding the World Snooker Championship as a past champion.

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86. Ronnie O'Sullivan entered the Players Championship seeded 7th on the one-year ranking list.

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87. Ronnie O'Sullivan entered the World Grand Prix seeded fifth on the one-year ranking list.

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88. Over the tournament as a whole, Ronnie O'Sullivan won 36 of the 47 frames he played, and compiled ten century breaks.

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89. In the fifth frame of the match, Ronnie O'Sullivan declined the opportunity to make a maximum break, potting the pink off the penultimate red and completing a break of 146.

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90. In his quarter-final match, Ronnie O'Sullivan placed his chalk on the table and used it to line up a shot.

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91. On 4 December 2014, Ronnie O'Sullivan completed his 13th career maximum break in the fourth round of the UK Championship, against Matthew Selt.

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92. Ronnie O'Sullivan became the only player to score six century breaks in a World Championship final.

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93. At the Crucible Ronnie O'Sullivan defeated Marcus Campbell in the last 32, Ali Carter in the last 16, Stuart Bingham in the quarter-finals.

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94. On 10 May 2012, Ronnie O'Sullivan was named as the World Snooker Player of the Year and the Snooker Writers Player of the Year.

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95. In the eighth frame of the final, Ronnie O'Sullivan made a break of 141, the highest break ever recorded in a Crucible final.

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96. Ronnie O'Sullivan won the 10th Premier League title of his career.

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97. Ronnie O'Sullivan reached the semi-finals in the Snooker Shoot-Out in January 2011, before losing against Robert Milkins.

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98. Ronnie O'Sullivan compiled a 140 break in the second, a 104 in the eighth, and a 103 in the 14th.

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99. In his post-match interview, Ronnie O'Sullivan proclaimed his victory, composed with a cue that he had obtained only the previous Saturday, as his greatest achievement in snooker.

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100. Ronnie O'Sullivan was leading, but Walden pulled back four frames in a row to win the match.

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101. Ronnie O'Sullivan is the only player to win back-to-back ranking events in the last four years.

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