7 Facts About Rowan Atkinson

1. In March 2001, while Rowan Atkinson was on a holiday trip to Kenya, the pilot of his private plane fainted.

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2. In November 2012, it emerged that Rowan Atkinson intended to retire Mr Bean.

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3. Johnny English Strikes Again: Rowan Atkinson returns as the much-loved accidental secret agent, Johnny English.

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4. Johnny English Strikes Again' star Rowan Atkinson gives Stephen a taste of the old bit he used to do that got seven minutes of laughter without using a single word.

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5. On 28 November 2012, Rowan Atkinson reprised the role of Blackadder at the "We are Most Amused" comedy gala for The Prince's Trust at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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6. In 1984, Rowan Atkinson appeared in a West End version of the comedy play The Nerd alongside a 10-year-old Christian Bale.

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7. In 1995 and 1996, Rowan Atkinson portrayed Inspector Raymond Fowler in The Thin Blue Line television sitcom written by Ben Elton, which takes place in a police station located in fictitious Gasforth.

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