61 Facts About Rubeus Hagrid


Rubeus Hagrid is a fictional character in the Harry Potter book series written by JK Rowling.


Rubeus Hagrid is introduced in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as a half-giant and half-human who is the gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts, the primary setting for the first six novels.


Rubeus Hagrid was among the characters that Rowling says she created on "the very first day".


Rubeus Hagrid was one of the first characters to imply that the idea of thinking of wizards as "pure-bloods" and "half-bloods" is a dated concept.


Rubeus Hagrid liked the circular notion of Hagrid both bringing Harry into the world, and then bringing him back from the dead.


Rubeus Hagrid is introduced in the opening chapter of the first novel.


Rubeus Hagrid is the first member of the Hogwarts staff to be introduced to Harry before he began attending the school.


Rubeus Hagrid later becomes friends with Ron and Hermione as well.


Rubeus Hagrid lets slip to Harry, Ron, and Hermione that the way to get past Fluffy is to play music, for which they use the flute Rubeus Hagrid himself carved for Harry, which allows them to pursue the potential thief.


Readers first discover why Rubeus Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts in the second novel.


The belief of Rubeus Hagrid's guilt was encouraged by Tom Riddle, the actual criminal, who had been using the true monster to attack students, and who had framed Rubeus Hagrid to prevent the school from being closed, because he didn't want to return to the orphanage whence he had come.


However, before being arrested, Rubeus Hagrid tells Harry and Ron to "follow the spiders", so that they can meet Aragog and discover the identity of the true monster.


Rubeus Hagrid is allowed to perform magic again since his name has been cleared after the events of the previous book.


Since giants have a reputation for being brutal, and were once allies of Voldemort, Rubeus Hagrid keeps his parentage a secret and allows people to imagine other reasons for his great size.


Rubeus Hagrid's parentage is exposed in the Daily Prophet by Rita Skeeter, who portrays him as dangerous and incompetent.


Rubeus Hagrid is gravely affected by this and attempts to resign from his post as teacher, though Dumbledore does not accept his resignation.


Rubeus Hagrid is one of the very few people who, since the beginning, believes Harry's word that he did not apply to enter the Triwizard Tournament.


Later in the book, Alastor Moody suggests Rubeus Hagrid should show Harry that the first task of the Tournament would involve dragons.


Rubeus Hagrid is absent during the first part of the fifth novel.


Rubeus Hagrid is attacked by giants during the mission, and saved by Maxime.


Rubeus Hagrid introduces his half-brother to Harry and Hermione, and asks them to take care of him after he leaves Hogwarts.


Towards the end of the book, Death Eaters attack Hogwarts and Rubeus Hagrid's hut is set on fire as he tries to fight them.


Rubeus Hagrid takes Harry on the flying motorcycle he inherited from Sirius but the plan goes awry when the Order delegation is ambushed by Death Eaters.


Rubeus Hagrid later turns up, captive in the Death Eaters' camp, when Harry sacrifices himself to Voldemort.


Rubeus Hagrid is forced to carry Harry back to the school, not realising that Harry has survived again, and en route accuses the watching Centaurs of not doing enough to help.


The Centaurs soon afterward join the fray and Rubeus Hagrid takes part in the second half of the battle, felling his main nemesis among the Death Eaters, the magical-creature executioner Walden Macnair.


Rubeus Hagrid was sort of his guardian and his guide.


Nineteen years after Voldemort's defeat, Rubeus Hagrid is still at Hogwarts and invites Harry and Ginny Weasley's second son Albus Severus Potter to his hut for tea, just as he had once done for Harry himself, implying that he and Harry are still close.


Rubeus Hagrid has a friendly, softhearted personality and is easily driven to tears, as seen in his very first scene, when he drops Harry off at the Dursleys' in Philosopher's Stone.


Rubeus Hagrid is very loyal to his peers, especially Dumbledore, to whom he refers as the greatest wizard in the world multiple times.


Rubeus Hagrid is very loyal to Harry, suffered several times during the series because of this loyalty, and had to go into hiding twice to avoid prison.


Rubeus Hagrid keeps the pieces of his wand in a pink umbrella, and performs small spells from time to time; however, he was technically forbidden to do magic until the third book, and since he is not a fully qualified wizard, he "will always be a bit inept" as compared to other adult wizards, but "occasionally surprises everyone, himself included, by bringing off more impressive bits of magic".


Rubeus Hagrid has magical abilities that stem from his giant blood.


Grawp and Rubeus Hagrid were born of the same mother, the giantess Fridwulfa.


Grawp is about 16 feet tall, which Rubeus Hagrid claims is small for a giant.


Rubeus Hagrid's knuckles are the size of cricket balls.


Rubeus Hagrid responds to Hermione, who approaches him like a strict but caring mother figure, scolding him when doing something wrong, but giving him praise and playing with him when he does something good.


Rubeus Hagrid attends Dumbledore's funeral with Hagrid, much more civil and calm than before, and dressed formally.


Rubeus Hagrid appears to understand emotions, at least to some extent, as he pats Hagrid's head to comfort him.


Rubeus Hagrid is the only giant fighting on the good wizards' side in the Battle of Hogwarts, probably in an attempt to protect Hagrid, as he frequently calls his name while fighting the giants on the Death Eaters' side.


Rubeus Hagrid died long before Hagrid returned to the giants in the Order of the Phoenix.


Rubeus Hagrid describes his father as "a tiny little man" whom he could pick up with one hand and place on the dresser at the age of six.


Rubeus Hagrid clearly felt great affection for him; in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, he says that his father's death when Rubeus Hagrid was in third year at Hogwarts was one of his saddest memories.


Rubeus Hagrid keeps and has kept a variety of pets, including some which the Wizarding community considers impossible to domesticate.


Rubeus Hagrid raised Aragog from an egg as a Hogwarts student, keeping him inside a cupboard.


Rubeus Hagrid found him a mate, Mosag, with whom Aragog bore an entire colony of giant spiders.


Rubeus Hagrid remained grateful to Hagrid for his entire life, and kept his carnivorous children from attacking him when he came to visit.


Rubeus Hagrid led Harry and Ron to Aragog by giving them the cryptic advice, "follow the spiders".


An aging Aragog reveals to Harry and Ron Rubeus Hagrid's innocence and the discovery of a girl's corpse in the bathroom, before giving them a clue of the Chamber's resident monster; it was born in the castle, and his species never speak of the creature nor give its name, despite Rubeus Hagrid's numerous inquiries, as they fear it above all others.


Rubeus Hagrid retrieved Aragog's body from the forest so that he could give him a proper burial, fearing that his children would devour his body.


Rubeus Hagrid explains that hippogriffs are very calm, powerful, proud creatures, but are sensitive and demand respect.


In Half-Blood Prince, Harry inherits Buckbeak, and allows Rubeus Hagrid to look after him again.


In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Fang and Rubeus Hagrid participate in the Battle of Hogwarts; though Fang's exact involvement is not clear.


Rubeus Hagrid is last seen running away after a shattered vase frightens him.


Norbert is a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon that Rubeus Hagrid had acquired as an egg from a mysterious, hooded stranger in the Hog's Head, who turned out to be Professor Quirrell.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally persuade Rubeus Hagrid to send the dragon to Ron's older brother Charlie, who is studying dragons in Romania.


Rubeus Hagrid has appeared in various animated and non-animated parodies of Harry Potter.


Rubeus Hagrid was featured in US skit comedy Saturday Night Live, portrayed by Horatio Sanz, in the same episode in which Lindsay Lohan played Hermione; Bobby Moynihan later portrayed Hagrid in 2012, when Daniel Radcliffe hosted the show.


Rubeus Hagrid is parodied in Harry Potter and the Secret Chamberpot of Azerbaijan, a story released by Comic Relief in 2003, and he was played by Ronnie Corbett.


Rubeus Hagrid appears in the parody stage production Harry Potter and the Obnoxious Voice, interacting with Draco Malfoy and a dementor.


Rubeus Hagrid makes an appearance in the theme park attraction Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Japan and Hollywood.