36 Facts About Sanjiv Bhatt

1. In 1990, Sanjiv Bhatt was posted as additional superintendent of police in Jamnagar.

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2. In 1988, Sanjiv Bhatt joined the Indian police and worked as a police officer in Gujarat.

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3. Sanjiv Bhatt was born on 21 December 1963 in Mumbai, India.

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4. Sanjiv Bhatt is not alone to have faced the wrath of the powers-that-be for standing up to the BJP government in Gujarat.

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5. Sanjiv Bhatt went to school at the Hill Grange High School in Mumbai, and is an alumnus of St Xavier's High School, Loyola Hall, in Ahmedabad.

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6. Sanjiv Bhatt suspended IPS Officer of Gujarat has requested to examine 47 IB documents by moving High Court to Nanavati Commission probing in 2002 riots of Gujarat.

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7. Sanjiv Bhatt queried how the SIT could rely on the testimony of witnesses who were present at the meeting when the investigation had itself raised doubts concerning their credibility, and he provided a rationale that could explain Bhatt's presence despite his relatively low rank.

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8. Sanjiv Bhatt was removed from the IPS on 19 August 2015 on the ground of "unauthorised absence".

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9. Sanjiv Bhatt repeated his demands in February 2012, when he raised objections on personal safety grounds to a request from the Gujarat police that he should return his service revolver.

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10. Sanjiv Bhatt disputed the SIT conclusions regarding the telephone records analysis and said that the matter of presence needed to be tested in court because the evidence available was insufficient to discount Bhatt's claim.

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11. Sanjiv Bhatt has requested the centre to appoint two member commission to enquire the role and conduct of Modi, his officials and police officers in the Godhra massacre.

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12. Sanjiv Bhatt was issued summon by National Commission for Minorities along with other retired and serving police officers of Gujarat to testify the role of Modi to bring out the truth of 27 February 2002 meeting which held at Modi's home.

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13. Sanjiv Bhatt believed that the NMC lacked the official authority to make such a statement.

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14. Sanjiv Bhatt criticised the earlier report, in which the NMC had exonerated Modi of any wrongdoing in relation to the riots.

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15. Sanjiv Bhatt complained that Ahmedabad police commissioner P C Pandey was alerted on the same.

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16. Sanjiv Bhatt insisted that those documents were intended for the sole purpose of ensuring that crucial evidence is not disregarded or concealed by the SIT with a view to screen powerful and influential offenders from legal punishment".

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17. Sanjiv Bhatt was among those who refused to accept an award offered by the Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar Academy in 2011.

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18. Sanjiv Bhatt has referred to being harassed by members of the Gujarat police.

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19. On 27 September 2011, Sanjiv Bhatt appeared before the Gujarat High Court in the police atrocity case against him in Jamnagar district.

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20. In May 2011, Sanjiv Bhatt repeated the allegations made in his affidavit when he was called to give evidence to the NMC.

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21. Sanjiv Bhatt supported Bhatt's claim that he travelled there with Chakrabarthy.

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22. On 24 June 2011, Panth filed an FIR against Sanjiv Bhatt, alleging that Bhatt had threatened him and forced him to sign a false affidavit.

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23. Sanjiv Bhatt was responsible for the Chief Minister Narendra Modi's security.

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24. In 2015, Sanjiv Bhatt was removed from the police service, on the ground of "unauthorised absence".

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25. Sanjiv Bhatt had been provided with two personal guards but considered this to be insufficient.

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26. In his affidavit Sanjiv Bhatt has asked the rights panel to initiate action against the SIT headed by R K Raghavan for incorrectly recording his statements or tweaking them to give a clean chit to Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

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27. Sanjiv Bhatt had filed a plea before the Supreme Court seeking a special investigative probe into two First Information Reports filed against him by the Gujarat Police.

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28. In a fresh affidavit, Sanjiv Bhatt made detailed allegations against Modi and Shah.

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29. In June 2011, Sanjiv Bhatt filed a Public-interest litigation in the Supreme Court, calling for an independent agency to investigate the riots or, alternatively, for the case to be transferred outside Gujarat.

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30. Sanjiv Bhatt presented evidence to this particular SIT investigation in 2009.

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31. In his affidavit, Sanjiv Bhatt mentioned six witnesses, who could testify his presence in the alleged meeting held at Modi's residence.

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32. On 14 April 2011, 9 years after the riots, Sanjiv Bhatt filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India, making similar allegations.

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33. In 2003, Sanjiv Bhatt was posted as the superintendent of Sabarmati central jail.

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34. Sanjiv Bhatt was posted as principal of the State Reserve Police Training College.

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35. Sanjiv Bhatt joined the Indian Police Service in 1988, and was allotted the Gujarat cadre.

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36. Sanjiv Bhatt is a former Indian Police Service officer from Gujarat.

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