74 Facts About Saul Goodman


Saul Goodman appears as a major character in Breaking Bad and as the titular antihero protagonist of its spin-off Better Call Saul.


Saul Goodman first appeared in "Better Call Saul Goodman", the eighth episode of Breaking Bad second season.


Saul Goodman was created to provide Walt and Jesse with a guide for their criminal activities and to replace Hank Schrader as Breaking Bad comic relief.


Saul Goodman's name, "Saul Goodman", is a play on the phrase "it's all good, man".


The need for a character like Saul Goodman came from two paths of Breaking Bads development around the second season.


The Breaking Bad episode "Better Call Saul Goodman" was written by Peter Gould, and he has been ultimately credited with creating the character.


Saul Goodman was originally intended to appear in only four episodes of the second season of Breaking Bad, but instead became central to the narrative of the series.


In conceiving the story for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, while looking for the most important characters in Jesse Pinkman's life, due to the film continuing his story after the events of the Breaking Bad series finale, Gilligan considered to include Saul Goodman, feeling that using him in the story would have been great.


Saul Goodman ran petty scams including the "fake Rolex" with the help of his partner-in-crime Marco Pasternak.


Saul Goodman initially used it as a fake name when performing his scams with Marco.


At some point prior to the start of Better Call Saul Goodman, Jimmy had been married and divorced twice.


Saul Goodman passed the bar exam hoping to be hired at HHM, but Chuck secretly compelled senior partner Howard Hamlin to deny Jimmy the opportunity.


Saul Goodman then shocks Kim by revealing that the speech was an insincere con.


Saul Goodman obtains a DBA application and announces he intends to resume practicing law as Saul Goodman.


Jimmy tells Kim the notoriety of the Saul Goodman name used in reselling prepaid phones gives him a ready-made client base for a criminal law practice.


Saul Goodman offers to help Kim trick a reluctant client to accept a favorable plea bargain; she refuses, but later runs the con alone, which leaves her angry at herself.


Saul Goodman then suggests they marry so their conversations will be protected by spousal privilege.


Howard realizes Jimmy is toying with him and rescinds the job offer; Jimmy angrily blames Howard for Chuck's death and says that as Saul Goodman, he is too big for the constraints of HHM.


Saul Goodman identifies a vacancy in a strip mall, which he decides to rent because of its proximity to the courthouse, the county jail, and the city's bail bonds offices.


Saul Goodman's business starts to grow, and Jimmy succeeds in persuading Francesca Liddy to work as his administrative assistant.


Saul Goodman angrily accuses the mediator of accepting a bribe, and when he attempts to retrieve the photos as proof, he discovers they have been switched for innocuous pictures of Jimmy.


Saul Goodman instructs them to make the suicide story plausible by maintaining their ruse about Howard's drug addiction, and warns them never to reveal the truth.


Saul Goodman begins work upon waking, regularly employs prostitutes, and mentions his alprazolam dealer to Francesca on a preparatory phone call.


Saul Goodman's office has been renovated, and includes an inflatable Statue of Liberty on the roof and wallpaper resembling the United States Constitution.


Saul Goodman is an astutely aggressive defense attorney, aided by his working knowledge of Spanish, but engages in questionable as well as blatantly criminal activity, such as money laundering.


Saul Goodman has rehired Huell as his bodyguard and security for his office.


Saul Goodman has gained ties to Gus Fring, the owner of the fast-food chicken franchise Los Pollos Hermanos, likely through Mike, which Gus uses as a front to smuggle cocaine from the Juarez drug cartel.


Worried meth cooks Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, the former being the aforementioned "Heisenberg", decide to visit Saul Goodman to convince him to not let Badger talk to the DEA.


Later that night, Walt and Jesse kidnap Saul Goodman and drive out to the middle of the desert, threatening to kill him if he does not keep Badger from informing.


Saul Goodman initially believes Lalo sent them and blames Nacho for assisting in the attack on Lalo at his home.


Saul Goodman expresses awe at their mobile meth lab and correctly identifies Walt as Heisenberg.


Saul Goodman later asks Mike about Heisenberg and Mike identifies Walt and Jesse for him, but warns Saul Goodman against getting involved with them.


Saul Goodman meets with them anyway and tells them about Jimmy "In-'N-Out" Kilkelly, who makes a living confessing to the crimes of others and going to prison.


Saul Goodman arranges for Kilkelly to be arrested and confess to being Heisenberg.


Saul Goodman offers to be Walt's full-time legal counsel, money launderer, and adviser.


Walt accepts and Saul Goodman becomes Walt and Jesse's lawyer and consigliere.


Later when Jesse's girlfriend Jane Margolis dies of a heroin overdose, Saul Goodman sends Mike to remove all evidence of drug use and to coach Jesse into saying what he needs to say to remove suspicion.


Saul Goodman helps Jesse anonymously buy his aunt's house back from his parents with his share of the drug money.


Walt later figures out that Saul Goodman has been bugging his house and attacks him, causing Saul Goodman to refuse to launder any more money through Walter Jr.


Saul Goodman has his secretary Francesca pose as an Albuquerque Police Department dispatcher falsely claiming that Hank's wife Marie has been in a car accident, luring Hank to the hospital, and giving Jesse and Walt time to destroy the RV.


Nevertheless, Saul Goodman feels guilty about his part in the cruel ruse.


Saul Goodman tries to convince Jesse to buy commercial properties to launder his money but Jesse rejects the idea.


Saul Goodman discusses plans for money laundering with Skyler and Walt, floating the idea of buying a laser tag business.


Walt visits Saul Goodman to discuss Jesse's plan to kill two dealers who work for Gus and killed Jesse's friend Combo and his girlfriend Andrea's brother Tomas.


Saul Goodman then helps Jesse hide and later arranges for Jesse and Walt to meet at the laser tag arcade.


Saul Goodman has his employee Patrick Kuby pose as a government inspector to inform Bogdan of supposed environmental concerns that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to mitigate.


Saul Goodman tells Walt about Ed Galbraith the "disappearer", a vacuum repair shop owner who can provide Walt and his family with new identities if they have to flee.


Saul Goodman helps ensure the damage to Walt's car is not discovered.


Saul Goodman persuades Jesse to come to his office and has Huell secretly steal the ricin cigarette Walt gave Jesse to use in killing Gus.


Saul Goodman gives Jesse his money and tells him to leave Albuquerque for his own safety.


Saul Goodman goes into hiding but returns to represent Jesse when he is questioned about Brock's poisoning.


Saul Goodman discovers from Jesse that Gus regularly visits Hector Salamanca in a nursing home.


Saul Goodman passes the information to Walt, who then uses it in a plot to ambush and kill Gus.


Saul Goodman tells Skyler about Beneke's accident, which has left him hospitalized and immobile.


Saul Goodman helps Walt and Jesse look for new locations, and they agree on Ira's business, Vamonos Pest Control, as the best option.


Saul Goodman defends Mike from the DEA's investigation by threatening litigation over their supposed harassment.


Mike asks Saul Goodman to retrieve his "go bag", which contains cash and false identity documents.


Saul Goodman calls Walt to inform him of Jesse's erratic behavior.


Walt visits Saul Goodman to tell him that Hank has learned that Walt is Heisenberg.


Jesse is arrested while tossing money from his car, and Saul Goodman obtains his release from police custody.


Saul Goodman arranges a meeting between Walt and Jesse, and Walt convinces Jesse to contact Ed and start a new life.


Saul Goodman wants Jesse to give up drugs before beginning the trip, but Jesse refuses, so Saul Goodman has Huell pickpocket Jesse's cannabis.


Saul Goodman admits he had Huell steal the ricin, but says he did not know what Walt intended.


Saul Goodman calls Walt to warn him that Jesse knows the truth about what happened to Brock.


Saul Goodman gives Francesca cash and an attorney's business card and tells her that if she needs help she should say "Jimmy" sent her.


Saul Goodman asks Walt what he would do with a time machine which annoys Walt due to his terminology and insists he uses the term regrets instead.


Walt says he regrets leaving Grey Matter while Saul Goodman says he regrets doing a 'Slip-and-Fall' scam which broke his knees.


Later, Walt tries to persuade Saul Goodman to go with him instead of going to Omaha and to contact hit men to kill Jack Welker in retaliation for killing Hank, but Saul Goodman refuses.


The openings of the premieres of seasons one through five and the last four episodes of season six of Better Call Saul Goodman are black-and-white flashforwards that take place after Breaking Bad, showing that after leaving Albuquerque, Saul Goodman relocates to Omaha, Nebraska under the alias Gene Takavic, keeping a low profile as the manager of a Cinnabon store in a shopping mall.


Saul Goodman befriends Jeff's mother, Marion, through which he talks to Jeff about being part of "the game".


Saul Goodman confesses in open court to all his crimes, to his crucial part in Walter White's drug empire, and to his role in Chuck's ousting from HHM and ultimate suicide.


Saul Goodman acknowledges to having lied so that Kim could come and witness his full confession.


Saul Goodman then declares that he is James McGill, finally abandoning his alternate persona.


The inmate becomes ecstatic upon seeing Jimmy and the prisoners on the bus break out into a "Better Call Saul Goodman" chant, showing the prisoners greatly respect him due to his history as Saul Goodman.