14 Facts About Scott Brooks

1. Scott Brooks intends on putting him to work regardless by having Howard impart his NBA insight onto Washington's young big men, Thomas Bryant and Bobby Portis.

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2. Scott Brooks traced some of those Sunday; a year ago, Beal struggled with the perpetual double-team traps thrown his way when Wall was out.

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3. Scott Brooks was inducted into the University of California Hall of Fame in 2001.

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4. Scott Brooks got his first job as a head coach when he replaced Carlesimo on an interim basis.

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5. Scott Brooks attended East Union High School, Manteca, California and fell in love with basketball which he played in high school till he graduated in 1983.

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6. Scott Brooks is a coach in the National Basketball Association who had a brilliant career as a player, playing for six NBA teams, even though he was undrafted in the 1987 NBA Draft which he had declared for.

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7. Scott Brooks was fresh out of college and wasn't yet an expert at doing laundry.

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8. Scott Brooks was on a team of free agents that faced NBA players and he was told there would be many scouts in attendance.

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9. Scott Brooks got his first NBA gig after a tryout in the Loyola-Marymount Summer League in Los Angeles back in 1988.

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10. Scott Brooks ended up playing 10 NBA seasons with six different teams and won a championship with the Rockets in 1994.

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11. Scott Brooks altered the culture of the Wizards in the off-season and met with several players.

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12. Scott Brooks led the Thunder to the playoffs in his first five full seasons with the team.

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13. Scott Brooks got off to one of the best starts for a rookie head coach in recent NBA history.

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14. Scott Brooks is the head coach of the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association.

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