14 Facts About Scott Snyder


Scott Snyder graduated from Brown University in 1998 with a degree in creative writing, and then worked at Walt Disney World for about a year.


Scott Snyder initially worked as a custodian, but after he injured his shoulder and started to have some problems with his co-workers, he auditioned and worked as some of the characters.


Scott Snyder's first foray into the genre was a one-shot focusing on the first Human Torch, part of Marvel's 70th anniversary celebrations.


Scott Snyder later wrote the four-issue miniseries, Iron Man: Noir, which debuted in April 2010.


Vertigo began publishing American Vampire, Scott Snyder's first creator-owned ongoing series, in March 2010.


Scott Snyder's run as writer of Detective Comics began with issue No 871 of that title, which marked the beginning of his exclusive contract with DC Comics.


Scott Snyder later became the co-writer of Talon, a spin-off of the "Court of Owls" storyline in Batman, which focused on a rogue Talon from the Court.

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Scott Snyder was one of the co-writers of the Batman Eternal series which launched in April 2014.


Scott Snyder co-wrote Justice League: No Justice with Joshua Williamson and James Tynion IV, with art by Francis Manapul.


In July 2021, Scott Snyder announced an eight-title digital first deal with comiXology Originals, all to be published through his creator-owned imprint Best Jackett Press.


Scott Snyder indicated that he would offer advice to aspiring writers in his published pieces.


In February 2023, an animated television series adaptation of Wytches was announced by Amazon Prime Video, with Scott Snyder serving as co-showrunner.


Scott Snyder has a wife named Jeanie and two sons named Jack and Emmett.


On March 3,2019, Scott Snyder announced that they were expecting another child in May Their child, a son named Quinn, was born on May 4,2019.