32 Facts About Scottie Montgomery

1. Scottie Montgomery is the second area football coach to be fired in the last week.

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2. Scottie Montgomery previously spent three years on Duke University's staff, the last two as the Blue Devils' assistant head coach, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

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3. Scottie Montgomery pitches it as modern Hollywood networking and influence-peddling on amphetamines.

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4. Scottie Montgomery is so lame his "Hating On: " thread slows to a crawl 2 days before the game.

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5. Scottie Montgomery buys low fat graham crackers because he doesn't like the originals.

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6. Scottie Montgomery thinks being No 1 in the ESPN Bottom 10 is better than being No 5.

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7. Scottie Montgomery reads Morgan Freeman meme's in his own voice, not Morgan's.

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8. Scottie Montgomery thinks the words are "scuse me, while I kiss this guy".

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9. Scottie Montgomery once spent two weeks narrating his own life.

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10. Scottie Montgomery prefers evergreen trees to deciduous because they don't change to Hokie colors in the Fall.

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11. Scottie Montgomery thinks Eastern Carolina had a legitimate shot to get into the Big 12.

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12. Scottie Montgomery is a grown man who goes by "Scottie".

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13. Scottie Montgomery thinks that Purple Rain is song by Tay Zonday.

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14. Scottie Montgomery thinks Purple Haze is a song by Prince.

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15. Scottie Montgomery wants his OC to hurry up and get hired away to a blue blood school so he can have a landing place when ECU finally cans his ass.

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16. Scottie Montgomery replaced his DC to give him an excuse for the outcome this weekend.

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17. Scottie Montgomery thinks modified song lyrics are supposed to be haikus.

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18. Scottie Montgomery liked our 4th quarter Let's Go Hokies gaff on Saturday.

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19. Scottie Montgomery looks like the guy you hire when you write the role for Idris Elba, but you can't afford Idris Elba.

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20. Scottie Montgomery refuses to acknowledge that he actually coaches at Eastern South Virginia.

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21. Scottie Montgomery evidently thinks he can dab better than Coach Frank Beamer.

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22. Scottie Montgomery has his former defensive coordinator locked up in his basement.

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23. Scottie Montgomery has the team address him as Captain instead of Coach.

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24. Scottie Montgomery was terminated before the 2018 season finale after three seasons.

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25. Scottie Montgomery is an American football coach who is the current head football coach at East Carolina University.

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26. Scottie Montgomery said his comments to Loczi were not personal, just blunt talk during the passion of debate.

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27. Scottie Montgomery coached Jamison Crowder during 2013 and 2014 seasons.

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28. Scottie Montgomery was hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 16, 2010 as the new wide receivers coach, replacing Randy Fichtner, who moved to quarterback coach upon the retirement of Ken Anderson.

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29. Scottie Montgomery began his coaching career at his alma mater, Duke University, where he served as the wide receivers coach for four seasons.

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30. Scottie Montgomery entered the National Football League in 2000 as a rookie free agent with the Carolina Panthers.

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31. Scottie Montgomery joins Clarkston Hines as the only Duke players to have three straight seasons with more than 50 receptions and 600 yards.

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32. Scottie Montgomery earned the team's MVP award in 1998 and 1999, becoming just one of five two-time team MVPs in Duke history.

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