19 Facts About Sergio Troncoso


Sergio Troncoso was born on 1961 and is an American author of short stories, essays and novels.


Sergio Troncoso often writes about the United States-Mexico border, working-class immigrants, families and fatherhood, philosophy in literature, and crossing cultural, psychological, and philosophical borders.


Sergio Troncoso grew up on the east side of El Paso in rural Ysleta.


Sergio Troncoso's parents built their adobe house, and the family lived with kerosene lamps and stoves and an outhouse in the backyard during their first years in Texas.


Sergio Troncoso attended South Loop School and Ysleta High School, where he was editor of the high school newspaper and won a Gannett Foundation scholarship to attend the Blair Summer School for Journalism in New Jersey.


Sergio Troncoso's grandfather was Santiago Troncoso, who was jailed 28 times by the Mexican government for publishing anti-corruption articles as editor and publisher of El Dia in the 1920s, the first daily newspaper in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


Sergio Troncoso was accepted to Harvard College and struggled to adapt to this new world.


Sergio Troncoso won a Fulbright Scholarship to Mexico, where he studied economics, politics, and literature.


Sergio Troncoso's novel The Nature of Truth was first published in 2003, and is a story about a Yale research student who discovers that his boss, a renowned professor, hides a Nazi past.


Sergio Troncoso's second novel, From This Wicked Patch of Dust, is a story about the Martinez family, who begins life in a shantytown on the US-Mexico border, and struggles to stay together despite cultural clashes, different religions, and contemporary politics.


Sergio Troncoso was inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters in 2012.


In 2013, Sergio Troncoso received the Literary Legacy Award from the El Paso Community College.


At the re-dedication ceremony on October 2,2015, the author announced the creation of the annual Sergio Troncoso Reading Prizes to encourage the love of reading and writing in grade school, middle school, and high school students in the Ysleta area.


Sergio Troncoso was a judge for the Shrake Award for Best Short Nonfiction from the Texas Institute of Letters in 2014.


Sergio Troncoso, primarily known for his US-Mexican Border works, is, as The Nature of Truth suggests, the brightest and most able of the modern Border writers and thinkers.


Sergio Troncoso was again a National Writing Juror for Scholastic Writing Awards, this time in the Personal Essay category in 2018.


On March 28,2020, Sergio Troncoso was elected President of the Texas Institute of Letters.


Sergio Troncoso is the first Mexican American writer to receive this distinction.


Sergio Troncoso's work has appeared in Texas Highways, New Letters, Yale Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, New Guard Literary Review, Houston Chronicle, Texas Monthly, Dallas Morning News, Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas, Newsday, Hadassah Magazine, Other Voices, and many other newspapers and magazines.