39 Facts About Shane Dawson

1. Shane Dawson is an American YouTube Star who is immensely popular for being a writer and the subject of the internet series 'Shane Dawson TV'.

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2. Shane Dawson has pioneered a new form of entertainment with his documentary-style investigative series, starting with his Truth About Tanacon doc that earned Shane a Streamy for Creator of the Year, and continuing on with the Secret World of Jeffree Starr, and The Mind of Jake Paul.

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3. Shane Dawson is rewriting history in his new conspiracy series.

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4. In July 2015, Shane Dawson came out as bisexual in a video posted on Shane Dawson TV.

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5. Shane Dawson lives in Studio City, Los Angeles, California with his boyfriend, Ryland Adams, his dogs, Uno and Honey, and his cat, Cheeto.

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6. In January and February 2019, Shane Dawson released a two-part series on conspiracy theories, those of which included Apple, deepfakes, and the Woolsey Fire.

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7. In September 2018, Shane Dawson covered internet sensation Jake Paul in a eight-part series called The Mind of Jake Paul.

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8. In June 2018, Shane Dawson uploaded a three-part documentary series about the TanaCon convention.

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9. Shane Dawson was one of the first people to rise to fame on video-sharing website YouTube, and has since maintained an online presence.

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10. Shane Dawson is a YouTube personality, actor, author, and sketch comedian.

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11. Shane Dawson is a young actor from California who started out making videos on YouTube for hobby and eventually became one of the biggest stars of the popular video website.

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12. Shane Dawson has two older brothers called Jerid Yaw and Jacob Yaw (born July 5, 1980), as mentioned earlier.

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13. Shane Dawson is an American internet celebrity from YouTube, well known for his comedy videos featuring many recurring characters.

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14. Shane Dawson was born and raised in Long Beach, California, where he'd spent his youth.

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15. Shane Dawson is best known for his comedic videos on his Youtube channels—ShaneTV and Shane.

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16. Shane Dawson has struggled with obesity since his early teen years.

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17. Shane Dawson produced, directed and starred in the 2014 comedy, Not Cool.

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18. Shane Dawson made his acting debut in the 2011 short films, Friends 4 Ever, and How Shananay Stole Christmas.

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19. Shane Dawson made his feature film acting debut in 2012 with an American physiological slasher horror film, Smiley for his role as Binder.

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20. Shane Dawson has since expanded on YouTube by adding his second channel where he formerly posted video blogs.

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21. Shane Dawson was born to American parents Teresa Yaw, mother and was raised in the same place where he was born.

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22. Shane Dawson has seen a sharp rise in subscribers since he launched his documentary series.

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23. Shane Dawson confirmed his relationship with Rylan on October 23, 2016, even though their relationship started in the early months of 2016.

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24. Shane Dawson released his second memoir, It Gets Worse, in July 2016.

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25. Shane Dawson was attending the party with his long-term boyfriend, Ryland Adams.

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26. Shane Dawson was a repeat selection as a first-team all-conference performer.

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27. Shane Dawson lives in Los Angeles, California with his boyfriend, Ryland Adams, his dogs, Uno and Honey, and his cat, Cheeto.

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28. On November 12, 2013, Shane Dawson announced that he was developing the weight loss center project with Sony Pictures Television for NBC.

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29. In June 2013, Shane Dawson started a podcast entitled Shane and Friends.

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30. On May 8, 2012, Shane Dawson revealed in a video that he has begun working on his next original song, which is tentatively titled "The Vacation Song".

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31. Shane Dawson revealed in November 2012 that he was in negotiations to direct a feature-length film.

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32. On March 26, 2011, Shane Dawson uploaded a video to YouTube explaining to his audience that he's working with Happy Madison Productions, Sony Pictures, and some other YouTubers including TheFineBros and BrittaniLouiseTaylor to create the television show.

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33. In 2015, Shane Dawson began his conspiracy show on YouTube, a video series where he discusses a variety of conspiracy theories.

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34. In 2008, when Shane Dawson was nineteen years old, he signed up for YouTube and began making videos.

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35. Shane Dawson should not be receiving any hate toward his new eight-part documentary series with infamous YouTube vlogger Jake Paul.

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36. Shane Dawson should not be receiving hate over Jake Paul series.

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37. Shane Dawson has sat down with therapist Kati Morton to analyse how his Jake Paul documentary went down.

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38. Shane Dawson reunited with Kati Morton to discuss his "horror movie" Jake Paul documentary.

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39. Shane Dawson has wrapped up his eight-part YouTube documentary series about internet celebrity Jake Paul.

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