26 Facts About Shane Sewell


Shane Sewell was born on September 5,1972 and is a Canadian professional wrestler and referee.

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Shane Sewell has worked for the World Wrestling Council, the International Wrestling Association and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as both a referee and wrestler.

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Shane Sewell is a fourteen-time World Heavyweight Champion, having won the IWA Undisputed World Unified Heavyweight Championship ten times, the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship three times, and the WWL World Heavyweight Championship one time.

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Shane Sewell became a three time WWC Television Champion on separate occasions.

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Shane Sewell debuted in the IWA days after leaving WWC in a run-in to help Savio Vega as he was being double-teamed by Miguel Perez and Jesus Castillo in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

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Shane Sewell became the company's first World Heavyweight Champion on October 28,2000 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

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Shane Sewell started a notable feud in December 2001 when Vega returned and unified with Starr Corporation and attacked both Sewell and Ricky Banderas forming Los Hermanos en Dolor.

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In December 2004, Shane Sewell turned heel with Vega after he won the Heavyweight title from Ray Gonzalez at Christmas in Puerto Rico.

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Shane Sewell lost the title to Chicano at Juicio Final on April 2,2005 in Caguas, Puerto Rico and after that teamed with Jean-Pierre Lafitte part-time.

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Shane Sewell returned to the IWA in 2008 with former TNA stars Ricky Vega and The Naturals as well as veteran stalwart Big Vito.

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Shane Sewell tagged with Vega for a time before Vega turned heel and became undisputed IWA heavyweight champion.

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Shane Sewell wrestled part-time in then-new Puerto Rican federation New Wrestling Stars.

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Shane Sewell lost the Universal title to Bryan on February 12,2006 and split his time with both companies.

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Shane Sewell later feuded with Tim Arson over the NWS Heavyweight title until June 3,2006 when he lost a Title vs Leave The Company match.

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Shane Sewell won the Heavyweight title in a three-way match from Gonzalez and Lightning at IWA Christmas in Puerto Rico on December 9,2006 for a record ninth time.

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Shane Sewell has been making part-time appearances for WWC since 2008.

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Shane Sewell first made a mark in TNA by defending himself after Sheik Abdul Bashir took exception to being defeated after a restart in a match against Consequences Creed.

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On January 8,2009, Shane Sewell was fired as an official after another confrontation with Bashir.

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However, as part of the confrontation, Cornette announced that Shane Sewell would be hired as a wrestler and face Bashir at TNA's pay-per-view event Genesis, which Shane Sewell won.

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At Against All Odds, Shane Sewell was defeated in his first and only championship match in TNA.

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Shane Sewell would go on to lose the title to Noriega on November 28,2009.

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Shane Sewell returned to the promotion thirteen months later, interfering in a match between Carly Colon and Ricky Banderas, costing Colon the Universal Heavyweight Championship and reforming Los Hermanos en Dolor.

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Shane Sewell returned to the IWA for their Christmas in PR event, but left after Juicio Final to appear in the PRWA in April 2010.

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On October 18,2014, at WWL Insurrection, Shane Sewell defeated Monster Pain to win the WWL World Heavyweight Championship.

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Shane Sewell lost the title to Alberto el Patron in January 2015 at WWL's Three Kings Day holiday event in a three-way match that included Ricky Banderas.

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Shane Sewell owns and operates a wrestling school in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

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