35 Facts About Shego


Shego is a fictional character from Disney's animated television series Kim Possible, voiced by Nicole Sullivan.

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Shego is one of the franchise's main antagonists, and one of its most recurring characters.

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Shego made her live-action debut appearance in the 2019 film Kim Possible, who is portrayed by Taylor Ortega.

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Shego is one of the most mature characters in the franchise; unlike most other Kim Possible villains, she is not afflicted with megalomania or narcissism.

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Shego is a young woman, with long black hair, an athletic build, sharp jawline, and slanted bright green eyes.

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Shego's exact age remains unknown, though it was stated that she was in her early 20s and it was revealed that she is a college graduate.

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Shego's signature costume is a green and black full-body catsuit with matching gloves and boots, arranged in a harlequin's dazzle pattern.

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Shego is an expert in many fields, with infiltration and sabotage as her specialties.

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Shego possesses extensive martial arts training and impressive fitness and agility, rivaling the skills displayed by her nemesis Kim Possible.

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Shego's attack is enhanced by metal claws on her gloves, and on occasion she has used her claw-like fingernails to similar effect.

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Shego is endowed with a unique superpower: the ability to generate green, flame-like bolts of glowing energy from her hands.

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Shego came out of the incident with slightly torn clothes and frazzled hair.

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Shego then became a hero who, alongside her four brothers, defended Go City against a number of villains as the superhero group Team Go.

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Shego eventually left the team for reasons that were never fully specified, but anecdotal evidence suggests there were three primary reasons: a fascination with villainy, crankiness, and irritation with her brothers.

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Shego is a formidable fighter and gets the better of Kim Possible a few times, whereupon her successes are usually stopped by Ron, Rufus, or, on occasion, bungling from Drakken or interference from his machinery.

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Notable curiosity in the series, Shego is the only villain who is never given all of her basic characteristics: she lacks a common name—being known only as Shego throughout the show's run—and her age is difficult to place.

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Shego walked out on two separate capers, and on two occasions she actually saved Kim's life.

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Shego has a powerful rivalry with Kim on the battlefield, which is sometimes kept at a "professional" context, but usually involves a few insults.

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Over time, and despite their rivalry, Shego has developed a professional respect which she often shows for Kim as a rival and a fighter, and is less than impressed when she manages to ruin Drakken's scheme.

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In certain situations, Kim and Shego have teamed up against common enemies, and Shego has gone as far as to save Kim from other enemies, claiming that only she has the right to destroy her.

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Shego is rarely taken aback when Dr Drakken's plans are foiled – going so far as to chide him for making overly complex or unconventional plans.

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Shego is unusually cooperative and patient with Junior, and he is one of the few people who can bring out her softer side.

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Junior sought Shego's help while developing a scheme on his own for impressing his father, and Shego willingly assisted.

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Shego has four brothers: Hego, Mego, and a set of twins who were never identified in the first episode, but were later revealed to be called Wego.

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Shego has a huge resentment towards her brothers' attitude, finding them incompetent, argumentative, and irritating, and their dysfunctional and annoying relationship was part of the reason she abandoned Team Go's fight for justice to pursue evil.

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Shego apparently provided the brains and initiative of Team Go.

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Shego has dissenters brainwashed in special totalitarian facilities and everyone, aside from a small band of resistance fighters, wears a dress code based on Shego's green and black costume.

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Shego proves to be a seemingly capable Overlord in her delegations, capturing all of the rebels as well as Kim, Ron, and Rufus by sending her minions after them.

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Right after this, Shego rejoins with Drakken, who spent the episode failing to get a pickle jar open without her.

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Originally, Shego wasn't included in the first versions of the pilot episode of Kim Possible, but was added in later versions of it.

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Shego has become the most popular villain of the series as well as one of its most popular characters, and one of the main character's most popular love interests among fan art and fan fiction.

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Shego's popularity led the authors of the series to keep her, alongside Drakken, as one of the most recurring characters, even though they had intended to work less with them; the duo are thus regarded as Kim Possible's arch-nemeses.

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Besides being one of the most recurring characters of the franchise, Shego is one of the few characters who has had appearances outside the series.

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Shego has proven wildly popular with fans, and as inspiration to other pop-culture icons.

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Shego is the cover-girl image for the trope of "Dark Action Girl" on TV Tropes website, serving as an archetype of the character.

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