12 Facts About Sherm Feller


Sherman Feller was an American musical composer and radio personality.

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Sherm Feller was the public address announcer for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park for 26 years.

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Sherm Feller graduated from Roxbury Memorial High School and then attended Suffolk College, where he began to study law, but left before graduating.

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Sherm Feller decided he wanted to work in radio, beginning in Manchester, New Hampshire at WMUR.

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Sherm Feller was the host of a live program from the station's Boston studio.

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Sherm Feller served as the Fenway Park public address announcer for 26 years from 1967 until just before his death in early 1994.

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Sherm Feller was known throughout baseball for his distinct voice, which was described as slow with a gravely, measured cadence.

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Sherm Feller attributed his unique sound to the fact that he spoke without his dentures while calling a game.

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Sherm Feller was closely associated with Fenway Park organist John Kiley during his public address announcing career.

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Sherm Feller was known to be a particular favorite of current ESPN baseball broadcaster Jon Miller who, while serving as the Baltimore Orioles' broadcaster, often impersonated Sherm Feller, both on-air and over the Fenway Park public address system.

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Sherm Feller married singer and actress Judy Valentine in 1945, and took an active role in promoting and managing her career.

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Sherm Feller died suddenly at his home in Stoughton, Massachusetts of heart disease on January 27,1994, at the age of 75.

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