21 Facts About Sheryl WuDunn


Sheryl WuDunn was born on November 16,1959 and is an American business executive, writer, lecturer, and Pulitzer Prize winner.


Sheryl WuDunn has been a private wealth adviser with Goldman Sachs and was previously a journalist and business executive for The New York Times.


Sheryl WuDunn is senior managing director at Mid-Market Securities, a boutique investment banking firm in New York serving small and medium companies.


At the Times, Sheryl WuDunn ran coverage of global energy, global markets, foreign technology and foreign industry.


Sheryl WuDunn oversaw international business topics ranging from China's economic growth to technology in Japan, from oil and gas in Russia to alternative energy in Brazil.


Sheryl WuDunn was anchor of The New York Times Page One, a nightly program of the next day's stories in the Times.


Sheryl WuDunn worked in the Times's Strategic Planning Department and in the Circulation Department, where she ran the effort to build the next generation of readers for the newspaper.


Sheryl WuDunn was one of the few people at the Times who went back and forth between the news and business sides of the organization.


Sheryl WuDunn was the first Asian-American reporter hired at the Times and was a foreign correspondent in The New York Times Beijing and Tokyo bureaus.


Sheryl WuDunn, recipient of honorary doctorates from University of Pennsylvania and Middlebury College, was a senior lecturer at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs in the fall of 2011.


Sheryl WuDunn is a commentator on China and global affairs on television and radio shows, including Bloomberg TV, NPR, The Colbert Report and Charlie Rose, and has lectured at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank and the Council on Foreign Relations.


For three years, Sheryl WuDunn worked for Bankers Trust Company as an international loan officer.


Sheryl WuDunn worked for a time for Goldman Sachs as a vice president in its investment management division as a private wealth advisor, before leaving to write a book.


Sheryl WuDunn won a George Polk Award and an Overseas Press Club award, both for reporting in China.


In 2011, Sheryl WuDunn was listed by Newsweek as one of the 150 Women who Shake the World.


In 2012, Sheryl WuDunn was selected as one of 60 notable members of the League of Extraordinary Women by Fast Company magazine.


Sheryl WuDunn's third best-selling book, was Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, and WuDunn later was featured in the award-winning PBS documentary made of the book.


Sheryl WuDunn served for more than a decade on the Cornell University board of trustees, including as a member of the board's finance committee and investment committee.


Sheryl WuDunn served for many years on the advisory council of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and in 2013 was elected by alumni to the Princeton University board of trustees.


Sheryl WuDunn currently serves on the board of advisors for Fuel Freedom Foundation.


Sheryl WuDunn is on the advisory boards of a number of start-up companies in a variety of fields, including healthcare and mobile security.