24 Facts About Shrewsbury School


Shrewsbury School is a public school in Shrewsbury.

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Shrewsbury School began operation in a house and land purchased from John Proude in 1551, together with three rented half-timbered buildings, which included Riggs Hall, built in 1450, these are now the only remaining part of the original buildings occupied by the institution.

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Shrewsbury School has retained links with the college, with the continued appointment of Johnian academics to the Governing Body, and the historic awarding of 'closed' Shrewsbury School Exhibitions.

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Shrewsbury School was occupied on behalf of the King during the Civil War.

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The Shrewsbury School-masters have very handsome Houses to dwell in; for that the Whole has the Face of a College.

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In 1798, a specific Act of Parliament, The Shrewsbury School Act, was passed for the better government of the school.

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Shrewsbury School continued in the 1600s buildings on its original site, until it was relocated in 1882.

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Shrewsbury School appeared on the cover of Time magazine on 29 June 1931.

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The monument contains a statue of Sir Phillip Sidney, the Elizabeth soldier, poet and courtier who himself was a former member of the school and died of wounds sustained at the Battle of Zutphen in 1586, and it faces the Main Shrewsbury School building down an avenue of linden trees, known as 'central'.

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Between 1944 and 1950 John Wolfenden was headmaster; he left Shrewsbury School to become Vice-Chancellor of the University of Reading.

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Shrewsbury School was appointed to various public body chairmanships by the Privy Council, and went on to be director of the British Museum.

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Shrewsbury School's name is closely associated with the government-instituted Wolfenden Report, which he chaired.

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Shrewsbury School secured many leading churchmen to come to preach in the school chapel, including Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Shrewsbury School went on to be Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford, chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund and Provost of Eton, among other roles.

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Shrewsbury School has won the Arthur Dunn Challenge Cup a total of 11 times, including the Centenary Cup Final in 2003, a replay of the first final in 1903.

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Shrewsbury School is only seconded in victories at Henley to Eton, having won specifically:.

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Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt is the oldest cross-country club in the world, with written records going back to 1831 and evidence that it was established by 1819.

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Shrewsbury School lays claim to the oldest track and field meeting still in existence, which originated in the Second Spring Meeting first documented in 1840.

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Shrewsbury School competes in the HMC Twenty 20 having made the finals day each year since 2010, winning the competition in 2011 and 2013.

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Shrewsbury School made it a rule that, boys in the senior form had, every school day, to "declaim and play one Act of Comedy" before breaking from school, and the school put on frequent public Whitsuntide and mystery plays concerned with moral romance, scripture, and history.

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Every other year, Shrewsbury puts on its own homegrown school musical which is taken to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Shrewsbury School has its own song, "Carmen Salopiense", written in 1916 by Cyril Alington who was Headmaster at the time.

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Shrewsbury School has an ancient library, containing various significant antiquarian books and other items.

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The fees at Shrewsbury School are up to £12,980 a term for UK students and up to £13,500 a term for international students, with three terms per academic year in 2019.

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