12 Facts About Shueisha


Shueisha was established in 1925 as the entertainment-related publishing division of Japanese publisher Shogakukan.

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Manga magazines published by Shueisha include the Jump magazine line, which includes shonen magazines Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump SQ, and V Jump, and seinen magazines Weekly Young Jump, Grand Jump and Ultra Jump.

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In 1925, Shueisha was created by major publishing company Shogakukan .

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In 1928, Shueisha was hired to edit Gendai Humor Zenshu, a compilation.

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In 1962, Shueisha published a female version of Myojo titled Josei Myojo and many more novels.

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In 1963, Shueisha began publication of the widely successful Margaret with the additional offshoot Bessatsu Margaret.

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In 1966, Shueisha began publication of Weekly Playboy, Seishun to Dokusho and Shosetsu Junior.

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Shueisha announced that in the summer of 2011, it would launch a new manga magazine titled Miracle Jump.

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In October 2016, Shueisha announced that they had created a new department on June 21 called the Dragon Ball Room.

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Shueisha Original is a multi-demographic manga magazine published by Shueisha.

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Shueisha Original has only featured two series which have run in the magazine for a long time.

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Shueisha Remix is one of many kanzenban magazines published by Shueisha.

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